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Nodame Cantabile Opera Hen (2009)

O my! I’ve never known this!

Another volume of Nodame Cantabile? O my, I thought it ended in Paris. Although, I’ve always wonder what would happen after Nodame asked Chiaki to marry her… (>◡<) To be honest, I have not read any of the new (although it’s from 2009) volume(s). So, after this post, I’m going to read the manga!

Plot: A one volume sequel of the Nodame Cantabile series. Chiaki and Nodame are back in Japan, Nodame for her first recital there, and Chiaki for his first Opera Concerto.

If you had read the manga and watch the anime & live action… GO READ THIS!

Please click on the picture above to start reading chapter 1!


My top 5 Asian drama!

Pssssssst, don’t you think Koo Hye Sun looks gorgeous in this picture?

It’s an addiction!

Hello! Lately I had not enough time to post! And I’ve a really good excuse fot this! I had some exams to make… So I had to study a lot! Not that I’m complaining or something… Because I want good grades! However I’m done with my exams and now I have some free time… To enjoy the weather (O YEAAAH!)… That was meant to be sarcastic, you know? The weather in the Netherlands is pretty bad… Like God don’t like our country, so he blows a lot wind threw our coutnry… Haha, I am not religious… In another way… I can’t explain the way the weather sounds these days… It’s like the earth wants to tell us something like: ‘I will blow you away with my power, so you can think and consider what you will do in life‘… Hmm, I know, I’m not the best poetic… But it’s how I think about it…

O god, the title is ‘It’s an addiction!’… Like the weather is an addiction? … Or school is an addiction … NO WAY! But I don’t dislike to go to school… But to say it’s an addiction, no… 😛

What I want to say… I love to read manga and to watch anime! Although I don’t have the books… I can read them on the internet (! :’D I love ‘Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!‘, ‘Nodame Cantabile‘, ‘Ouran High School Host Club‘, ‘La Corda D’Oro‘, ‘Special A‘, ‘Boys Before Flowers (Boys Over Flowers) and more!

Well, I’m finished with Nodame Cantabile… I’ve read the manga, watched the anime and watched the real-life version! LVE IT! The anime and real-life version is so more meaningful then the manga, because the anime sets in a musical piece! So, with sound is the consistency way better! I like the nonsense of Nodame, haha, like her face when she get food from Chiaki-senpai. Hahaha, so funny! Or when she thinks he’s cheating on her. XD Although you can conclude that she’s awkward and give you a feeling that you are ashamed of her… She can be serious! Like the time, she propose to Chiaki in Paris… Aw! So cute! But he thought she was joking… But she wasn’t! That was the moment I cried! Yep, I’m a crybaby, I knew that a long time ago… I even cry in action movies. T_T

O damn God, I LVE LVE LVE Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! How did this happen? When I was in Vietnam, we went to a trip… Well, ‘trip’, we went to a beach resort and when I was bored I wachted tv… Like, obvious… And there was one particular tvstation I always watched, ANIMAX, oeoeoe! And there were a lot commercials between the shows. One of them was ‘Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!’ and darling, I WAS SOLD! She’s the president of the students at some school and he’s a perverted alien. XD BUT HE’S FREAKIN’ H♡T FOR A MANGA FIGURE (A)! Don’t ya think? Although the development of their love goes slow, I still like the structure of it. First I had watched the anime, then I started to read the manga… But it’s still developping…

A few days ago I started to watch the anime ‘Ouran High School Host Club‘… And in 2 days I had finished the whole anime! Haha… Kinda pathetic, but it is how it is… Like usual, when I’m finished I will start reading the manga… An also weird progression… Usualy you first read the manga then you watch the anime… Ghehe… However, I LVE THIS SILLY STORY! Haha, Tanaki-senpai (3rd in the picture) is fukking ridiculous (in a good way)! The way everyone sees that Haruhi (4th in the picture) is a boy instead of a girl! Haha, hilarious! O wait, it’s about a club in a majestuous school for rich children. As you can predict Harughi is a poor girl with a huge IQ and that’s why she attend the school. Accidentally she bumped into the club and had broken a vase with a huge value… So she became the ‘dog’ of the Host club, which means she had the stupid chores to do. xD However, the delevopment from the manga is incredible.

Yeah! ‘La Corda D’Oro‘! Introducing the red head (Kahoko Hino), the elf (Lili), the blond (Keiichi Shimizu), the green one with a trompet (Kazuki Hihara), the other green (Ryotaro Tsuchiura), the blue (Len Tsukimori ❣), the purple (Azuma Yonoki), the girl with a clarinet (Shoko Fuyuumi), the girl with a camera (Nami Amou), the man with the white coat (Hiroto Kanazawa) and the man with glasses (Shinobu Ousaki). They all attend the same academy… It has different departments… The regular and the music department. Kahoko attend the regular department… One day she met a elf named Lili and he gave her a violin! She had to practice and attend a concours on her academy! So she met a lot of people! O psst, the violin is magical! But the development is fukking cooool! She have to deal with a lot of boys! Haha, another story, 25 years ago there were also concours participants… And there was a romantic story behind the concours… The two violinist were the most evil competitors of all! But they end up as a couple. Whihi . . . LOOK AT THE PICTURE (A). By the way the manga is still continuing.

AAAAA! ‘Special A‘, PLOT SUMMARYHikari Hanazono (the girl in the front), the main character, has always been second to Kei Takishima (the guy in the middle). While Hikari considers Kei a rival and somewhat of a friend, Kei lves Hikari. Everyone knows this, but she is too dense to notice. Their wrestling loving fathers first introduced them to one another when they were 6 years old. Assuming that she was the best in wrestling, young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him. Ever since that fateful incident, Hikari swore to beat Kei in school grades, a sporting event – anything. To do this she has enrolled in the same school as Kei since elementary. Now she attends Hakusenkan, an ultra elite school, that costs her carpenter father a lot of money. Hikari and Kei are the top two students in the school, with Kei holding firmly to that number one position. – Heh, the anime is incredible! Lved it, but you have to read the manga! ♡♡

‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘Boys Before Flowers’, ‘Hana Yori Dango’, ‘Meteor Garden’… It’s all the same… Well, almost? The first 2 titles were used in Korea, the third in Japan and the last in China. But as you know manga’s are made in Japan… Hmpf! Are you curious why this manga have so much titles?! Well, it’s a ‘old’ manga… Made in the ’90s, but it is still popular nowadays! You have the manga, the anime and the real life show(s)! This manga is showed in so many countries… In the end they decided to make a real life version… A Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese version… O_OAND 2 MOVIES WERE SHOWN IN JAPAN! PFF. Well yeah, they are all different, but all in the good way… I prefer the Korean and Japanese version ! O, I forgot the talk about the plot summary: Makino Tsukushi, a girl who comes from a poor family just wants to get through her 2 last years at Eitoku Gakuen, quietly. But once she makes herself known by standing up for her friend to the F4, the 4 most popular, powerful and rich boys at the school. She gets the red card: F4’s way of a “Declaration of War”. But when she doesn’t let herself be beaten by them and is starting to fall for one of the F4; Hanazawa Rui. She starts to see that there is more than meets the eye.


Hana Yori Dango Final Main Cast - Boys Over Flowers Cast