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Update: Hapi Mari Ch. 16 & 17!

Lately I’ve only posted about K-drama… I’m truely sorry! But finally there are some updates of Hapi Mari! One of my fav’s manga! I hope you will enjoy it. Click on the picture to read Chapter 16 & Chapter 17!

Update! Hapi Mari chapter 15!

Yay! It’s here!

Click HERE to read chapter 15! ❤

Hapi Mari continues!


It’s been awhile hearing something of ‘Hapi Mari‘. The last chapter was aired 90 days ago… Almost 3 months ago! I was almost desperated, that the manga had stopped somehow. Maybe it was difficult to get the volumes? However I’ve never known that chapter 14 already aired 6 days ago! I was totally suprised. I’m glad that some people didn’t forget this manga! Well, if you read ‘Hapi Mari‘ and you had read chapter 13, you should know that there was a huge cliffhanger! Because Chiwa was kipnapped! 😮

Well, click on the picture above to read chapter 14!