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Today’s Outfit ‘Cheap n Chic’

Today’s look is really cheap! O crap, that’s my new hairstyle! What do u think? It’s a bit different. The back is oblique. Haha. I can’t take a picture from behind. 😥 O god’s grief! Okay, let’s continue about my outfit. How much do u think this whole outfit costs? — Keep that in mind — Copy this > H&M Tank €9,95 ♡ H&M Skirt €9,95 ♡ Primark Necklace with Heart pendant €3 ♡ Together an outfit for only €22,90! < I buy a lot of cloths everywhere, but I’m not a really H&M-fan, but since I went to A’dam all the time this summer, I couldn’t bear myself for not going to the shop on the Dam. Well, what do u think? U can create a chic look with a less amount of money! :’D

These are my new GUESS earrings! The quality of this picture is quite lame. D: Well, I love these earrings. It’s simple and I can wear it with everything. :’D I love basic stuff. I was hunting for stuff this summer, but I think I’m a bit broke now. Although… ”broke”. Not like I have no money anymore. I just don’t want to break down the limit of €…… Every girl have dreams… So am I, I want to go to Asia next year, so I have to save some money! :’D


New purchase!

안녕하세요! Hello! Here I am again with a new purchase. The store didn’t have the Chanel Eau Verte EDT 50 ML  in stock last Monday, so I went to the store again to buy it. It was like €53, but I’ve bought it for €45? I got discount! YayYay! Hahaha. Quite bad, don’t u think? I’ve also bought a new H&M singlet!  Okay, I will stop buying stuff for now! … Although I’ve to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10’1 P7510 on my bday! Yeah baby, almost 18 yo! ~(^o^~)

Todays outfit.

Bershka blazer – H&M polka dot blouse – Zara trousers – Moschino CHEAP & CHIC necklace – Carrera Champion sunglasses – My peep toe flats were downstairs

Guess the designers!

It’s quite simple though! Haha.

I need new jewelry!

Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile me blogging a serious post! Hehe. Since a while I am a fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s not really expensive and you will get really great stuff! I was searching on Saksfifthavenue for MbMJ earrings and I’ve found two pairs! They were really cute and cheap! Around €25 – €30! I was like: ‘What the …’ But shipping was expensive. Almost the same price as the price of the products. I’m not stupid, u know. I knew I will go to Amsterdam today, so I thought maybe the Bijenkorf (like Marks & Spencer in the UK) haves a Marc by Marc Jacobs collection… They only had LV, Gucci, Mulberry, Fendi, Stella McCartney, Chloé, DKNY, etc… But NO MARC JACOBS! Shame on them! But then I’ve found another cute designer/mark. It was a Dutch label, omygod, they really have cute jewelry! I’m so freakin’ happy, because they have a webshop! Whaa. Oh yeah, I’ve bought a sort of same pair of earrings as the ones I saw on Saks5thAve. It’s Fiva Jewelry! You should check out their website!

It’s really my style and stuff. I think I have to get a hold on my expenses! I’ve to buy that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10’1 on my own birthday… Pff, they delay the releasedate again! T﹏T I was a bit angry with this, but really I felt really relieved when my mom said: ‘I will pay all ur driving costs.’  Do you know how much it cost to take the whole crap to get your driving licence in the Netherlands? Around €1200 – €1400! That’s like $1.700 – $2.000 (USD). EXPENSIVE! I’m glad that my mom will pay this. She even said: ‘U can even get a car if you want… I’m just saying.’ OMYGOD. I WAS REALLY HAPPY. NOW I HAVE TO PASS THAT DRIVING LESSON SHIT! WHAHAHAHA. I’m so spoiled. 😛 All right, I’ll stop with this, I’ve to continue watching City Hunter Episode 17… I think u r already further then moi.