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Lie To Me Episode 16 ~ Final ~

Watch the FINAL episode of LIE TO ME on xxHuyen!

Lie To Me ~ Episode 16 ~ FINAL LAST SCENE ~

Click on the video to watch the whole episode. :’D


Lie To Me ~ Episode 16 ~ ‘Bed Scene’ ~

미안해! I’m sorry for the audio! Windows Movie Maker is doing vague…


Lie To Me Episode 16 ~ Pictures ~

OmyGod, they are at the beach! Kiss her! No way, they will give us a happy end, right? Or else I’m gonna cry!

Awh, they are so cute together.

Omo, I can’t wait till it is 21.55! What will I do during this 4 long hours? Idk, study? No, I can’t study properly with all those stuff and scenes in my head about this show. That’s not really handy! Omo, what to do? Watch another drama? I’ve just watched Hayate the Combat Butler! Hahaha, that’s so funny. I’m really bored! … T.T

Credits: Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) / ShocCo Locco

49 Days after episode 16!

Hi everyone! We’ve got such great weather these days! So great that I went out too much, which is bad for my wallet. Hehe. Well, I’ve had time to watch the 2 episodes! I have to admit those writers got me confused! The end of episode 16 doesn’t make any sense to me. I literally freaked out, because I didn’t understand what they were doing! So, I have to wait till tomorrow, because I’ve watched it without subs! Tonight the subs of episode 15 will be aired on YouTube! I will update this post. :’) Hmm, couple of things I want to say about the 2 episodes. Oh em, I used some abbreviations. SYK = Song Yi Kyung, JH = Ji Hyun, HK = Han Kang, SYS = Song Yi Soo, SIJ = Shin In Jung, KMH = Kang Min Hoo & PSW = Park Seo Woo!

Watch Episode 15

1. KMH stalked SYK (JH), but when the real SYK went to work, he went to the shop too… Woho, confrontation number 2! SYK was confused and panicked after they talked. Guess what? The doctor came to rescue her! Haha.

2. After that SYK and the doctor had a short chat… SYK talked about her past, her past with SYS… Another guess. Who do you think that overheard their chat? tiktaktiktak boom! Yeah, the Scheduler! Omo, he cried! Omygod. :’D

3. Ji Hyun‘s dad is going to take the surgery! HK brought SYK (Ji Hyun) to the hospital. He (HK) gave her the possibility to have a talk with her parents.

4. SYK (JH) went out the hospital and saw someone with the same necklace as her (see the first picture)! Another person with the 49 days trial! He looked quite sad… He had not one tear! So SYK (JH) pitied him a bit… Because she knows how difficult it is to ‘live’ like this. In the end she gave him some money.

5. At the end of the day HK & SYK (JH) had a sort of ‘date’, although the intension is well, different. If you ask me which one it is, I say DATE! :’D > My goodness, KMH is just a jealous stalking person > hate him!

6. There was a flashback… of Ji Hyun! About the issues between HK & his mom… The relation between them isn’t so good.

7. Ji Hyun‘s dad’s operation went well! \o/

8. Park Seo Woo had found out about the affair of KMH & SIJ! She was mad man! She bitchslapped her several times! Wohoho, she’s my heroin! Yeah, Park Seo Woo, you go girl! Go hit SIJ!

9. So, SIJ & SYK (JH) had another chat… It was about the matter why she is doing this… All because she’s jealous. Blegh so lame. Loser.

10. SYK (JH) went to the Scheduler in his music room to ask him what the meaning is from a particular picture… (SYS with another woman?!)

Watch Episode 16

1. SYS (Scheduler) realises his love for SYK. There was a flashback of their fight and his accident. It was so emotional! I cried… SYK thought SYS was cheating on her, but the big issue was that SYS had chosen for his music… But he’s not cheating on her… Because he worked really hard to buy a … (Just guess! :D)

2. SIJ went to a sort of guru, haha, so lame. x’D!

3. HK figured something out! He knows about the tears and the necklace! Woho, what will he do now?

4. KMH is really desperate… He? Just watch. Fortunately HK came to rescue SYK (JH)!

5. SYK is so popular! Another stalker appears! Yeah, the Scheduler (SYS)! He followed her to her work and was even standing for her nose watching was she was doing. Aw, love, it’s really magical! > OMO, DOES SYK HAVE A HEART PROBLEM? <

6. Every time I look at SIJ, I really want to get her eyes right?! She haves a weird tik. Uhoho, it’s my opinion. x’D She told about the affair to PSW! PSW was shocked. (Hehe, just hit her again! x’D)

7. SYK (JH) met that fellow with the same 49 Days trial before.. and she met him again? But I don’t know for what… Or she didn’t? I’m quite confused. :’o Whether I’ve watched the right parts or not. Hehe. So confusing.

8. Another chat with KMH? O man, I really dislike him. I like him more in Shining Inheritance! Hmpf. Well, he’s threatening SYK (JH)! Omygod, he knows it…

9. Because JH knows that SYK caused the accident, JH is mad at SYK. JH touched her! O God, wrong move JH! Wrong Wrong!

10. SYK went away, when KMH visited her in the Purple Coffee shop… I mean, he gave some business card and the next day she ‘saw’ JH and asked her to leave her house! O_O Then SYK went to the trainstation and stepped on the train?! O my God! Why?! Where is she going to? I DON’T KNOW! Doesn’t make any sense!

Don’t you think Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) looks so cute with her parents? x’D

This is the first picture with only the three of them! Shin In Jung, Shin Ji Hyun & Park Seo Woo! And it’s the first time that I like the person Shin In Jung. She looks better whithout the problems she and her lover caused…

There will only 4 episodes left!