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Some time ago, I’ve posted chapter 57! They were actually getting in the mood! I couldn’t wait for a whole month for their first kiss. However, during this short month time went by like it was one day. I’ve watched too many drama and went too many out… Like shopping. Going to the capital and spending money like crazy. Hehe. I know I own a lot of stuff, but it’s never enough. My needs are growing like weed. :S It will never stop. BUT! You have to read this chapter (click on the picture above)! I will read it after I push the button ‘Publish’. X’D


Update! Kimi Ni Todoke Ch. 57!

Ayane-chan is in love with Pin? According to chapter 56, I thought she had some feelings for him. I have to say, that kinda hairstyle he had in chapter 56 is cute! I’m curious! I will read the chapter after posting! Hehe. I will post my feedback rightaway. When I finished the chapter and after dinner. :$

O my freakin’ God! AAAAAAA! So many things happened! O my! 1. I really think that Ayane-chan have feelings for Pin, although she haves a boyfriend. 2. That girl of 2-C who confessed to ‘Sanada-san’ (Ryu) is just an annoying brat. 3. Ryu Sanada is in love with Chizuru, but why is he acting like this?!?! Just tell her, okay? 4. BIG CLIFFHANGER @ THE END! O my God, I have to wait at least one month for their first kiss. :'[

Click on the picture above to read chapter 57!

Kimi Ni Todoke the Movie

Oh my, one day ago I posted something about Kimi Ni Todoke the movie. I thought the movie would be aired in septembre this year, but it’s already shown in Japan! >◡< If you don’t know anything about Kimi Ni Todoke (Reaching You), here’s a summary:

Kuronuma Sawako’s (Tabe Mikako) one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets this high school student cowers in terror! She just wants to be like her classmate Kazehaya-kun (Miura Haruma), a laid-back, easygoing guy.

I’m really sorry! I didn’t noticed that the parts are removed due rights! So here are the following links!

Part 1


Part 2


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La Corda d’Oro ends?

It ended, but it felt like a new start?

Hi fellows! After reading chapter 75, I’ve read on a forum that this the final end… I felt really dissapointed, because I’ve waited for so long for that moment. So now I am really curious what would happen with those two… I guess my needs are not sastified yet. So the author have to make a ‘extra‘ or a ‘special‘. Like she and he accompanying each other. Playing the violin together, like he promised her (chapter 68 or chapter 69). O my, I’m fantasizing here.

My fanatasy

Okay, I’m gonna tell you my fantasy AFTER chapter 75. Please don’t think that I’m lame or something. Would it be cool if we skip the high school part and go to the ‘mature’ part? It would be great if there is a ‘reunion’ after 10 years, so we can see what happened to all those gorgeous people. Who? Kahoko Hino, Keiichi Shimizu, Kazuki Hihara, Ryotaro Tsuchiura, Len Tsukimori, Azuma Yonoki, Shoko Fuyuumi, Nami Amou, Hiroto Kanazawa (teacher) and Shinobu Ousaki (teacher). It’s just my imaginating time. (A) So here it goes:

Well, we all know that Kahoko Hino will attend Seiso University, because she wants to continue with her music. I guess Len would go back to Germany and study hard in becoming a famous violonist. So, Hino will really work hard to be besides him. I think a long-distance relationship between them will be fine, because they gave their heart for their music but also for eachother. Although you can say that Tsukimori is a hard person to understand and that he is strict if it’s about ‘music’. If just one person understands him, that’s probably enough for ‘love‘. In Hino’s graduation last concour, while Len is watching her. The funny part is, that she didn’t knew that he was in the audience, cause she thought he would be on tour somewhere in Europe. When she almost ends her last song, she recognise him, she went totally over-the-earth. Finally the song ended, she jumped of the stage and search him. Yay, they reunited! LT: ‘Long time no see.’ – she cries – LT gives her a kiss and hugs her – ‘You can always move my heart’ – Suddenly he kneels for her and ask: ‘Kahoko Hino, will you marry me?’ (>◡<) She was in shock but she awnsered: ‘Yes!’ and they kissed again. Woho. (I love my daydreaming). Not realising that the whole audience watched their ‘lovey-dovey‘-part, they began to clap in their hands of joy. Aigo, they went totally red. ~ blussssh ~ Even the judges thought it was a great act. Haha. O my, Hino won the concours. She’s all shiny and bloomy. Such a great personality. ~ I love her man! (I’m not a lesbian…) ~ She just ended her university time and is engaged now! Meow! On her 22th she married Len and went back to Europe with him. They played a lot with eachother. I mean the music part… Hehe. – Just being with you is enough – Just on a regular day they received an invitation of the reunion (HS part). After ten years they went back to Japan together with..? They almost near Seiso Academy. Hino was the first one who went out of the car with a cute look-a-like Hino in her hands. She entered the school… – Nothing had changed – The fact that she’s back, made her emotional. The first one she saw was Ryotaro Tsuchiura and Nami Amou. HT: ‘Long time no see!’ RT: ‘It’s Hino, long time no see!’ NT: ‘Hino! I missed you so much!’ – Hino stared her belly, like.. – ‘You’re pregnant! Wow, how wonderful!’ Nami blushed and nodded. Then Hino stared to Tsuchiara-kun like: ‘Hmm..?’ He was a little embarassed, but said: ‘We are just married’ Hino: ‘Didn’t expect that! Wow, congratulations!’ Nami stared back.. She stared to the little kiddo on Hino’s arms. ‘She looked really like you, Hino.’ Hino nodded: ‘Yeah, I know.’ Her daughter was really shy, although Hino is a very energetic woman. Hino to her daughter: ‘Daddy and big brother will come, don’t be shy.’ ~ A man, love my story, haha ~ After a while Len and another cute kiddo appeared. The newly married couple stared to the 4. From head to toe. Len: ‘Why are you staring like that?’ Nami: ‘It’s just that the little boy looks like you and that the little girl looks like Hino.’ Hino: ‘But they are really cute, don’t you think?’ Son: ‘Mom, don’t say things like that with people around.’ Tsuchiara: ‘He’s like Tsukimori and she’s like Hino with mixed-up characters.’ Hino hugged them both. Nami kneeled and asked them: ‘If you’re grown what will you wanted to be?’ Lboy: ‘I want to play the violin and marry mom.’ Lgirl: ‘I want to sing and marry daddy.’ ~ Weh weh, so funny. ~ Okay Okay, you can continue fantasizing. – I think the story will be very loooong

Can I continue fantasizing? – Just nod –  Alright, don’t you think a real life version would be fun? Cause the anime stopped half way (second season) (╥_╥)! O my, like real person playing musical instruments! Yeah, they should make a real version! Or a movie. That’s great too! >◡< Hehe. I’m really hoping for nothing, right?

Did you know about the movie of Kimi Ni Todoke?!?! O my, I thought the releasing was in september 2011! SOOO LONG TO WAIT! Cause Miura Haruma will play Kazehaya-kun. <(‘◡'<) I loved him in Koizora! He’s cute.

However… I have some hopes in the future, I  really need…

A new start of a fresh end.

Manga you should read!

Manga you definetely should read!

*Kimi Ni Todoke*

Kuronuma Sawako’s one wish in life is to make friends. That’s a difficult proposition when everyone who meets this high school student cowers in terror! She just wants to be like her classmate Kazehaya-kun, a laid-back, easygoing guy.

*Faster than a Kiss*

After losing their parents, Fumiko and her brother move from one relative to another. Fed up with the constant moving, Fumiko decides to quit school and find a job to support her younger brother herself. While she sits on the park bench contemplating her situation, she suddenly finds her teacher standing in front of her. Suprisingly, their encouter ends with a marriage proposal and her teacher’s promise to support and take care of Fumiko and her brother. Is he serious or just playing around..?!


*Vampire Knight*

Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, there to protect the Day Class from the Academy’s dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.

*Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu*

Tsubaki is a girl who loves making her younger sister’s hair pretty every morning, but she doesn’t think that kind of style suits herself! The day of her High School Beginning Ceremony, after she failed in being the top student (who usually makes the ceremony speech), she finds herself sitting next to the actual top student of the first years, the worst rude guy ever, Kyouta. She ends up cutting his hair on purpose because of the bad things he says to her. Kyouta demands that Tsubaki pay him back with her body, but Tsubaki fixes his hair instead–making it even shorter! After that, Kyouta unexpectedly kisses Tsubaki and swears that he’ll make her his woman.

*Skip Beat!*

Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he’s casting her out now that he’s famous! Kyoko won’t suffer in silence–she’s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in showbizz!

*Shitsuji-Sama no Okiniiri*

After the death of her parents, Himura Ryou is taken in by grandparents and starts to attend the super elite high school, Souseikan Gakuen. Ryou gets lost within the school’s spacious area and it leads her to a guy wearing tuxedo. He is Kanzawa Hakuou who attends the butler training course [B (Butler) Class] knowing that Ryou is…?!


Shuusei Kugayama is the “prince” of his high school, but he always turns down confessions -including one from Aoi Nishimori’s best friend. Although she initially hates him for this, when Shuusei moves in next door to Aoi, who lives alone, she starts thinking that he might not be such a bad guy after all…

*Dengeki Daisy*

“No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.” Teru, who lost her only remaining relative, her older brother, is cheered on by a mail from an enigmatic person, DAISY, who she can contact via the cellphone her brother gave her. One day, through an unexpected incident, Teru ends up working as a servant for the delinquent school janitor, Kurosaki. But this scoundrel, Kurosaki is really…!?

*Kare wa Tomodachi*

In her 3rd year of middle school, Hiyori has had a crush on Mizuno, who is in the classroom next door. It was at a time like that when a seating change happened, and she ended up sitting right next to Sasamoto, who is Mizuno’s childhood friend. She finds this out and she decides to ask for his help. However, Sasamoto, who was supposed to be just a friend, starts to develop feelings…?!


Well-behaved and extremely soft-hearted no matter what the time. She’s neat, and doesn’t seem to have any problems, but she carries a darkness within her heart. On the night of the full moon, the world around her starts to grow loud. The meeting that changes Kanami’s fate is already drawing close.