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Lie To Me Episode 16 ~ Pictures ~

OmyGod, they are at the beach! Kiss her! No way, they will give us a happy end, right? Or else I’m gonna cry!

Awh, they are so cute together.

Omo, I can’t wait till it is 21.55! What will I do during this 4 long hours? Idk, study? No, I can’t study properly with all those stuff and scenes in my head about this show. That’s not really handy! Omo, what to do? Watch another drama? I’ve just watched Hayate the Combat Butler! Hahaha, that’s so funny. I’m really bored! … T.T

Credits: Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) / ShocCo Locco


Lie To Me pictures! – Part 2

Here are the other pictures! I hope you will like them. :’D

This is Hyun Ki Joon‘s ex-fiance, Oh Yoon Joo. She was also a good friend of his brother, Sang Hee. He broke up the engagement three years ago, because of his little brother, who also liked her (since elementary school). He’d chosen family above love. It’s quite harsh to me, but I don’t like the ex-fiance. Give me Jungie, haha, she’s so funny. Everytime she smiles, I’ll smile too. That’s because she’s charming and cheerful. ㋡

These people are the co-workers of our Jungie. They work together in the Cultural & Tourism department in Seoul. A bunch of funny people.

The best way to write a resignation letter: 1. Go to a club 2. Order some drinks 3. Write down the things you hate about your chief on a tissue 4. Ask to a handsome stranger what you will do next 5. Ending up with a big hangover (although it was poison) in the hospital

Gong Ah Jung tried to hide herself, but in the meanwhile she’s actually acting suspicious. Haha.

Jungie looks good! I think it’s a Vivienne Westwood dress, because it’s typical… The way how it is made. The signature of the brand is clear. The drapes are typical for Vivienne Westwood… I’ve found the same dress, but in another color.

I think Hyun Ki Joon is a really handsome guy. That’s because I really like him as an actor. His acting in ‘My Girlfriend Is An Agent‘ is so funny! He was like a dork, haha, a dork with a super-duper mini laptop. Now, he tries to act serious, but after all he’s just a funny charming guy. He totally have to marries Jungie! ❤

Her messy hair reminds me of Satoru Hiura of Hotaru No Hikari (Japanese). Haha, looks like a baby. x’D

Because he’s cool. >◡<

Lie To Me pictures! – Part 1

49일 ended… Now I’ll put my focus on Lie To Me & The Greatest Love. Well, not 100 %, I have to study a lot… Don’t like my college life at the moment, because there’re so much drama’s coming up! Like ‘City Hunter’ with Lee Min Hoo! I’m curious about the real life version, although I’ve never read the manga… Here are some pictures with notes! :’D

The red/white tie around Gong Ah Jung is from Hyun Ki Joon, I guess. She’s like: ‘Yoo, want to challenge me in karaoke, honey?’

They look so cute together, like a real married couple. \(^o^\)

Kyaaa! So cute! >◡<

Hyun Sang Hee thoughts: ‘What the hell am I doing with those maracas?Gong Ah Jung thoughts: ‘I have to put all my efforts in my singing skills, otherwise I’m so dead’

Don’t you think Manager Park looks so damn sexy this way? Hehe, love her killer heels!

Gong Ah Jung: ‘If I hide here, he won’t find me, right? Ot-te-kay?!

Here’s part 2!

Relations: Lie To Me!

NOTE: I’ve found a sort of chart thing on WikiAddict, only it was in Korean. >.< So I had translated it… Although I don’t understand Korean, so I used my imagination. x’D