To understand or not to understand?

You’re lying to yourself

Be blind and unconscious of your own behaviour

This is another direction of making posts of such daily topics these days. To be honest I am another human being that only thinks about myself. In such way I think people can be disrespectful towards me. Maybe it’s sounds freaky, but I really think that other people can have such thoughts. Don’t you think that the you is lying to yourself? Maybe you disagree with me, however there are points to think carefully of… If you don’t, that’s okay, but what will you feel after seeing it with your own eyes?

Poor people will stay poor & rich people will be richer. You have to use others to earn money. Is it that important to be richer? That’s what I always thought and it was wrong to think that way. If you are shopping and you stand by a clothing rack and read the labels… ‘Made in China’, ‘Made in Taiwan’, ‘Made in Turkey’, ‘Made in Indonesia’, ‘Made in Vietnam’, ‘Made in Thailand’ and furthermore… Don’t you give it a moment and just consider what you’re doing right now?! Buying cloths while you know children, men and women made this for you while they get paid for €50 a month. They work beyond 12 hours a day and have only 6 free days in a year (counting Chinese new year (5) and a ‘bonus’ day). This is WRONG! This should be changing! You don’t have to mention that life is cheaper in those countries. It’s hard to provide your family for €50 a month! Their children must go to school, but if you don’t have enough money, you don’t have another choice then put your own child in a miserable factory. That child is making our cheap cloths, which we buy in those pathetic stores in the Western. Don’t you think that yourself is a miserable person? Don’t you think it’s pathetic?

I just watched a documentary about China. It makes me worried about the people who are trying to live their lives with only €50 a month. I’ve never known that it was that hard to live. The documentary showed people in different ‘positions’. From ‘low’ to ‘high’. Scaffolding worker, branch chief & CEO of a company. Maybe you think it’s FAIR to be dishonest to yourself if you want to EARN MONEY that badly. However there are some points to reconsider. It made me sick to think that people only want to use others to become more persistent and arrogant in making more money. It’s wrong, I know this is WRONG, but it’s hard to find a way to solve this, because all over the world you can find this.

To be honest I am a person who wants gallimaufry. I always complain that the things I own are bad. I always want new stuff while I already have the regular stuff. Like aiming for a new notebook, while I have one… Attached to fashion – wanting more faishonable cloths or buying cloths continuously and not thinking about the sender of the piece. Spending money is easy, but earning or saving money is hard.

I am willing to change my behaviour and wanting to understand the different situations in this world which is not that big as you thought it was. My opinion changed after I watched the documentary. I’ve always wanted to MAKE MONEY when I finished college. Thinking I wanted to work in a big financial building or something like that. I am studying Business Economics, starting the first semester of my first year, you already have to pound the slogan in your head: ‘YOU HAVE TO MAKE PROFIT!’ Now I want to help people, especially children, who are having a hard lifetime. I don’t know if I can help them with my low knowledge of the world. However…

I hope I can make a change in my life, if only a minor change it will make me a happy human being.


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