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Lie To Me Episode 16 ~ Final ~

Watch the FINAL episode of LIE TO ME on xxHuyen!


Lie To Me ~ Episode 16 ~ FINAL LAST SCENE ~

Click on the video to watch the whole episode. :’D


Lie To Me ~ Episode 16 ~ ‘Bed Scene’ ~

미안해! I’m sorry for the audio! Windows Movie Maker is doing vague…


Lie To Me Episode 16 ~ Pictures ~

OmyGod, they are at the beach! Kiss her! No way, they will give us a happy end, right? Or else I’m gonna cry!

Awh, they are so cute together.

Omo, I can’t wait till it is 21.55! What will I do during this 4 long hours? Idk, study? No, I can’t study properly with all those stuff and scenes in my head about this show. That’s not really handy! Omo, what to do? Watch another drama? I’ve just watched Hayate the Combat Butler! Hahaha, that’s so funny. I’m really bored! … T.T

Credits: Lie to Me (내게 거짓말을 해봐) / ShocCo Locco

Lie To Me OST ~ Cho Kyu-Chan – Walking On The Cloud ~

‘Like pouring rain’? Heh? Finally got the song!

Here’s the download link: