KYAA! Chapter 75 of La Corda d’Oro!

My mind went blind!

O-MY-GOD! You definitely have to read the latest chapter of La Corda d’Oro! YOU HAVE TO!!! In one of my first posts I had told ya about one of my favourites manga. Well, La Corda d’Oro is one of them and I will repeat that I am totally a Kahoko Hino ♡ Len Tsukimori fan. I’ve waited like months and finally, finally it’s there! It’s right there! O-MY-GOD! AAAAAAAA! I went totally crazy!

SHE HUGGED HIM BACK! Flash back: She went to Tsukimori-kun’s house to give him a shawl (she already knew that time that he’s going abroad…). Well, that time he hugged her and went to Germany (Gosh, why Germany? France is way more cooler!). A chapter further Ryotaro Tsuchiura confessed to her, but she didn’t responsed back! She looked depressed without Tsukimori. Well yeah, off course, he was the one who support her, helped her and gave soul to her (and her music). He was the reason that she started to play the violin. (‘Window-scene’) They have a special bond… Like the song ‘Ave Maria’ (LOVE THAT SONG!)… It’s so obvious!

He confessed to her, right? RIGHT?!?!


I think the translator meant: ‘You can always move my heart’. I think that sounds way better. 😀

Hehe, Lili is so funny! Lili: *DANCING OF JOY* >> ‘THIS IS SO FRUSTRaTING! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!’ >> ‘This part, this part is where they are supposed to kiss!’

Oh my, what is going on? My needs are sastified! I’m glad that the author Kure Yuki listened to the readers/fans. Or she was as well a KH ♡ LT fan? XD Well, I am attached to her works! Love her! But but, how long have I to wait until they kisssssss? :'[ *cry cry*

If you haven’t read this manga before, PLEASE, just start reading RIGHT NOW!

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  1. “But but, how long have I to wait until they kisssssss? :’[ *cry cry*”

    Sadly, it’s the last chapter of the series. I want mooooooore :((

    • Yeaah, some minutes ago after I posted this, I read that ch. 75 was actually the last one! But I hope there would be a ‘special’ chapter. :D:D Cuzz, normally a volume contains +/- 190 pages, and the last volume had +/- 140 pages! SO I REALLY HOPE FOR A SPECIAL CHAPTER XD

      • same here! i mean kure-sensei should’ve added more lovey-dovey moments to those last chapters! the fans have long waited for it! >_< A SPECIAL CHAPTER WOULD BE AWESOME :3

      • I totally agree with you! Aah, at least there should be a kissing moment. That would be like !@#$%^& Hahaha.

  2. the special chapter is released at lala june edition…but…but …no len

  3. La Corda d’Oro 3 is released… but no hino and len….new character…maybe for support the game version..

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