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Myung Wol the Spy ~ Preview ~ Episode 10 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛

Last Scene: Myung Wol passed her audition with Gang U’s help (see the notes on the script). Suddenly he came in and all supporters are asking him: ‘Are u in relationship with In A?’ He said: ‘In A and I are indeed lovers. Already started to discuss about marriage.’

Preview: No need for any explanation, right? He is faking their ”relationship” on behalf of finding his dad. In A’s dad haves some kinda contacts with N-K and people in the illegal auction world. Instead of his doing, he also hurts Myung Wol.


Myung Wol the Spy ~ Episode 8 ~ Preview ~

Hahaha, the last scene of episode 7 is really funny! Everywhere he looks he sees Myung Wol! Whaa! Even in the TV… Haha, Charlie’s Angels, Tomb Raider, Sailor Moon?! Hahaha! The way Myung Wol shows her fightings skills (although in his imagination) is so funny! I laughed like crazy! Ah, after that the ‘preview’ of episode 8. I think they r gonna kiss or something. Hihi, he said something in the kiss scene, last time they didn’t spoke to eachother. What do u think?

[BREAKING NEWS] City Hunter ~ Kim Young Joo is Dead?! ~

I’ve watched episode 19 & I was really shocked! OmyGod, I almost screamed! This is really… Like really… @#$%^&*! Chairman Jae Man escaped and he haves some scary men who beaten up our Prosecutor Kim Young Joo! Now he is like… Dead… He died in Lee Yoon Sung’s arms… So, he will kill that son of a b* Chairman! AIGO! What the hell?!

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Lie To Me ~ Episode 16 ~ FINAL LAST SCENE ~

Click on the video to watch the whole episode. :’D