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49 Days after episode 14!

Hi everyone, here I am again! Don’t you think that 49 Days is a really addicted? If you start watching something you have to finished it. In the meanwhile, you want more and more. You want to jump in the screen and help Ji Hyun and grab the Scheduler and hug him like crazy. Haha, just my thought. Well, I’ve been busy with my study lately.. However now I’ve vacation! Woohoo! So, I have to update my posts! Yesterday I’ve watched episode 13 and a hour ago I’ve watched episode 14! Although I’ve watched them both without subs, I can make something up. I think it’s fine if I tell you something about the episodes. Not too much, because you are the one who HAVE to watch it. :’D

Did you remembered that Han Kang hugged Yi Kyung (Ji Hyun) at the end of episode 12? Woo, he’s so cute, don’t you think? Hehe. I love him! So, like I said before (I think), he knows everything… Everything? Yeah, like the story of ’49 Days’, Song Yi Kyung is actually Ji Hyun, Kang Min Ho is having an affair with Shin In Jung, the business deal (Island property), etc. So his mood changed! I quite liked it, because it made him even more cuter! Kang Min Ho is a bit suspicious about Song Yi Kyung… Who is she? What does she wants? Why does she know so much? … Yeah, so he ‘hired’ a sort of ‘detective’ (it’s actually his private driver?!) to investigate on Son Yi Kyung… He followed her, make pictures of her, find information about her past, make notes, etc… (See picture!) Song Yi Kyung noticed that she was been followed… So she ended up been helped by the Scheduler! Woho, so cute! >◡< … Ji Hyun was determined to find out who ‘Song Yi Soo’ actually was… For the second time she opened the box and found a school book with pictures of all students etc. She found the picture of Song Yi Kyung… But the person next to her is..? YEAH, I KNOW, OMYGOD! At the end of episode 13 she went to the Scheduler with the book and some cards… And showed him the pictures. He was really shocked. 😐 Then there was a cliffhanger. Happily you have me, hehe. •‿-

The Scheduler was really in shock, like you all know, he doesn’t remember anything! He was confused and suprised… After Ji Hyun said so many things and asked him so many things, he just laughed and said it was a sort of ‘coincidence’… After all he went to the Purple Coffee shop… Checking Yi Kyung out… Well, undercover off course. He lend a crumpy adult. Hehe. He looked really sad! Man, I’ve never seen him so sad. Made me sad too! Want to give him a hug, wehweh. :'[ HE HAVE TO END UP WITH YI KYUNG, because they belong together and forever. I’ve told ya before that Kang Min Ho is suspicious… But he’s not the only one. Shin In Jung knows it too… She don’t realizes it yet, but she knows a lot of things now… So, the two bad people knows it (but they doesn’t realizes it yet…)… At the end of episode 14, Kang Min Ho followed Song Yi Kyung (to her house)… Then he saw her going out of her house going to the stairs… And continued following her to the Purple Coffee shop! ‘Song Yi Kyung?!’ She awnsered like: ‘Who are you?!’ THEN … cliffhanger … have to wait for episode 15! :'[

Go watch EPISODE 13 (Subs on Friday!)

Go watch EPISODE 14 (Subs on Saturday!)


49 Days! after episode 12: ‘I want more!’

Hello you! I’m sorry for not keeping my promise. You all have been curious about the latest episode. Off course, you are! I’d already posted about the newest episode a few days ago. You’ve also read that the part of episode 12 were based on my thoughts and imaginaging, because I’ve watched it without subs! On saturday I’ve finally watched the episode with subs! Yay! I was so happy, you couldn’t imagine!


O my, I can’t understand Korean at all, but I could figure something out, without the subs! Hehe, kinda funny, I think. So, here’s a summary (in my point of view): Ji Hyun fell out of Yi Kyung‘s body and is having a major problem: ‘What to do?!’ She grabbed her phone and pushed the emergency button (I want one too! Kya, imagine: ‘With one button, Il Jung Woo appears in front of you! Haha)! The Scheduler appeared, saying to Ji Hyun: ‘You, troublemaker!’ and scolded her. Haha, that face of Ji Hyun is so cute, when she get scolded, like she’s innocient (but she is!). In some way, Yi Kyung woke up in the park. She woke up, because she had strong feelings about the place. This was the place she went with Yi Soo and had a very beautiful day. Yeah, that’s the correct word. Although it was meant to be cheerful, I cried several times… The scene that I mean, was actually already shown in my precious post. Suddenly she fell asleep again, but before she did, she saw Yi Soo. Hm, but the thing is, Han Kang and Yi Kyung would see this as dreams, although it actually happened! Han Kang and Ji Hyun had also a flashback (together)… They had to collect money for some charities together… And they had decided to do tarrot cards prediction, to be honest, the only one who was serious about this event was Ji Hyun. It went wrong… Ji Hyun ran away and the other day her parents suddenly decided to move to Seoul. Han Kang went to class with a bouquet of white roses (to say sorry)… Then the flasbacks was doomeddd, that was the moment that Ji Hyun had to possess Yi Kyung‘s body… O my, Han Kang directly knows that ‘she’ is back in Yi Kyung‘s body and had taken her along…

I’m kinda tired, I’ve been up since 6 a.m. So I will cut my summary. Hehe, you should watch episode 12 yourself!

Go to YouTube! (I watch it from UnknowCarrot660)

My review after 12 episodes of 49 Days!

Hi, everyone! Here I am again after three days! Wow, I’ve to admit I’ve been busy this week. Don’t ask if I’ve watched episode 11 or 12, because I already did! Woehaha. To be honest I don’t remember that much of episode 11, but on the other hand I’ve watched episode 12 three times without subs! So amazing, right? Alright, before reading, I’ll warn you:


Here we go! My prediction was right! Off course I was right! Ji Hyun’s first tear is from Han Kang. – Han Kang Ji Hyun – However, Han Kang does know about the 49 Days story from the monks and he knows that Ji Hyun borrows Song Yi Kyung’s body. Now his attitude changed a bit towards Yi Kyung, so Ji Hyun’s really suprised, because his temper declined a bit. In episode 10, Ji Hyun decided to end this all and go to the Elevator. So she had written all kind of letters and even cleaned the apartment of Yi Kyung! Haha. Kinda funny. However, receiving her first tear had a big impact, so she will continue to get the other two tears! *\o/* Well, the room is too orderly, so she had to make it a bit dirty-looking. x’D She grabbed a box with dust and when she tried to put it back, the box disintegrated… Handy! A lot of cards and books falled down on the ground…

The card says: ‘Song Yi Kyung. Congratulations for becoming a middle school student.’ Ji Hyun: ‘Is this Song Yi Soo?‘ Another card says: ‘Congrats, Song Yi Kyung on your 20th birthday. Even when you’re 99 years old, I will still wish you ‘happy birthday’! – Yi Soo O my! So hehe, Yi Soo is NOT Yi Kyung’s little brother, but we knew that already… Ji Hyun concluded that Yi Soo must be dead… Then she said: ‘Even if it’s like this, what exactly happened to Song Yi Soo? No matter what methods I have to use, I will try to find out!’

In episode 11 the place Ji Nan is really important. Han Kang, Ji Hyun, Shin In Jung and Park Seo Woo lived and met each other in this place. They went to the same school, they spend a lot times together and so and so… In the end of the episode, Yi Kyung (Ji Hyun) and Kang Min Ho were walking together in the park, then she was suddenly dizzy. Suprising or not, Ji Hyun ‘felt out’ of Yi Kyung’s body. Now the real Yi Kyung ask to Kang Min Ho: ‘Who are you?!‘ O my, really, what’s happening? Well, I will tell ya, haha.

Happily or not, but Shin In Jung came on the right time! Finally she did something good. x’D Kang Min Ho grabbed Shin In Jung’s hand and went away. So, they are gone, gone… Another coincidence! Han Kang saw everything! Wajo, unbelievable! Don’t ya think? He went to Yi Kyung and helped her. A minute later she walked between the cherry blossoms, while Han Kang is watching over her (he just walked behind her back). In the meanwhile, the Scheduler scolded Ji Hyun! After that, they ran to Yi Kyung and Han Kang. When they saw a group of high schoolers promoting their school in the park, they all (exclusive the Scheduler) have flashbacks… The first one of Yi Kyung… (I CRIED LIKE A BABY!) My goodness, here watch!

O MY FREAKIN’ GOD! I watch this  part over and over! It was really emotional, although I couldn’t understand what they said, but gosh, look at their faces! So sad! Song Yi Kyung and Song Yi Soo (the Scheduler) looked so happy! I really love the two of them At the end, Yi Kyung SAW Song Yi Soo! O my! AAAA! My head is going’ round and round, crazyness! It’s a tragedy that he died so young! Please let him live again! 😥

After a while… There was a scene that Han Kang hit Kang Min Ho FOUR (!!!) times! Like I said before, Han Kang saw everything! I think he know that Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung are having an affair. Woho, I like giving bitchslaps away. Hihi! I will wait for the subs… That’s why I have to let my imaginaging running! Yeaah. Let them flowww! I have to tell you a lot, but I will post another review after I’ve watched episode 12 with subs!

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49 Days : What is happening?

Or ‘What happened?’


Since my last post of ‘49 Days‘, I’ve been watching it… I’m totally into it. At first I thought it was a bit weird. Because you saw Han Kang and Ji Hyun in the pictures. Han Kang was a bit late for the announcement of the engagement… So he had to hurry and go! I concluded that he must be the fiance, but he wasn’t! Desperately watching Ji Hyun with that bastard! Awr, hate him! … However it was not really suprising seeing him and her best friend having an affair

I think Ji Hyun and Han Kang would end up together, because I know he loves her, although she’s using Song Yi Kyung’s body. She reminds him a lot of Ji Hyun… A lot of people are hoping for Ji Hyun & the Scheduler, but that would be weird, because she have no affairs with him. Well yeah, he’s her SCHEDULER… But there’s no history or something. But I’ve to say, they look somehow cute… sometimes…

Another thing… The normal life of Song Yi Kyung is really a pity! Before the dead of her lover she was a happy girl (flashbacks). Now she’s having a hard lifetime and even wants to kill herself several times! (first that car accident, then wanting to hang herself on the rope…) Do you know who saved her twice?! I was really suprised! It was the doctor who didn’t succeed to save her lovers life! O my, I was REALLY curious who it would be, you know. A yeah…

Every time when Ji Hyun called the Scheduler while she’s in the apartment of Yi Kyung, he said that he haven’t a good feeling when he goes there every time… When he said that several times, I was really inquisitive! Then in the Coffee shop, with the Scheduler & Ji Hyun & Yi Kyung. He wanted to go out… then he suddenly stopped in front of Yi Kyung after saying that he don’t want to know anything about Yi Kyung. I’m confused, sooooo confused. Since then I thought there was something in the past… Last week there was finally episode 10… A kiss scene, just watch it.. o_o’

Are you confused to? Oh my God! They were (or..?) lovers, l-o-v-e-r-s! But I still don’t understand. Does he recognise her? Does he know who she is? Because he always said that’s uncomfortable being around Song Yi Kyung. So I think he doesn’t recognise her… In one of the episode he said something about achieving a wish orso. Does he have a possibility to live again? I’m quite curious about it, because I’m PRO Song Yi Kyung & the Scheduler :$

The last few minutes of episode 10 Ji Hyun received her first tear! Was the tear from Han Kang?!?! I’m 99% sure of this. One thing that is vague, is about the list of episodes… It’s unkown how many episodes would be shown. Some say 16, other 20 or 24 or even 26 episodes! Quite vague… I HOPE FOR THE LAST ONE. :$ I will update you after episode  12 this week! ♡♡♡


O MY GOD! – I think I say too much those three words… – However… I’ve been informed that there will be an extra episode of this ultra hot anime/manga! Kyaaaaaaaaa! I’m so excited! I really love this anime/manga! ‘THEY’ said that the extra episode would be aired on April the 27th! THAT’S ALMOST! ALMOST! AAAA! >◡< I’M SO HAPPY!