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Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama ch. 61!

Omg, they’re really fast!

On Monday’s there are not many things that are interesting… Only in the night, then we will watch Lie To Me! ❀ However, it’s been a while for me to read manga! I’m really hooked up by Korean drama… Well, clickclickclick for chapter 61! There was also a special chapter, but you can’t read it on Mangareader nor Mangafox. Maybe you’ve to try πŸ™‚


Lie To Me: Karaoke song (episode 6)

I was looking for this song for aboutΒ 2 minutes. No, less! Someone subscribed the title of the song on one of my vid’s! Wohoho, really preciated that! OmyGod, this song is so cute! It’s called LOVIN’ ICE CREAM by AS ONE & EZ-LIFE! \(^o^\) Here you go:

Wanna download it? *o* CLICKCLICKCLICK!

Lie To Me OST: Hee Young – Are You Still Waiting

Want to download them? There’s an English & Korean version in one file. :’) Just CLICKCLICKCLICK!


Some time ago, I’ve posted chapter 57! They were actually getting in the mood! I couldn’t wait for a whole month for their first kiss. However, during this short month time went by like it was one day. I’ve watched too many drama and went too many out… Like shopping. Going to the capital and spending money like crazy. Hehe. I know I own a lot of stuff, but it’s never enough. My needs are growing like weed. :S It will never stop. BUT! You have to read this chapter (click on the picture above)! I will read it after I push the button ‘Publish’. X’D

Where to watch drama?

Once a friend told me about this site: She was so fond of the show: ‘It started with a Kiss’… I’ve bookmarked the website, however I didn’t visited it often… Since I’ve got free time, I went to it… and there it was: a new addiction! I’ve watched so many drama that I don’t know anymore which ones!

Here are some:

β™” 49 Days β™” Boys Over Flowers β™” Shining Inheritance β™” The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince β™” Romantic Princess β™” My Princess β™” Mischievous Kiss β™” Cinderella’s Sister β™” Take Care Of The Young Lady β™” Secret Garden β™” Paradise Ranch β™” Oh! My Lady β™” Prosecutor Princess β™” Goong β™” Save The Last Dance For Me β™” Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower (again) β™” Heaven’s Wedding Gown β™” It Started With A Kiss (2) β™” Sunny HappinessΒ β™” Nodame Cantabile (The Movie I & II) β™” I Give My First Love To You β™” Hana Yori Dango (I & II & Final) β™” Koizora β™” Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time β™” Mei-chan no Shitsuji β™” Hotaru no Hikari (I & II) β™” 100 Days With Mr Arrogant β™” 200 Pounds Beauty β™” A Millonaire’s First Love β™” My Girlfriend is an Agent β™” Lie To Me β™” The Greatest Love β™” Romance Town β™” Baby-Faced Beauty β™” Kimi Ni Todoke The Movie β™”

I know… It’s really crazy. T_T’ I WATCH TOO MANY DRAMA!!! This is not everything, because some drama’s I’ve dropped half-way, because I had lost interest in it… O my, reading the list above… makes me feel crazy. o_o’ BUT! Where can you watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Hong Kong drama?

β™” YouTube β™” Channel: UknownCarrot / NatNatVip

β™” Viki β™”

β™” MySoju β™”

β™” EpDrama β™”