My top 5 Asian drama!

Pssssssst, don’t you think Koo Hye Sun looks gorgeous in this picture?


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  1. I’ve watched 1 and like a fourth of the dramas you mentioned. I’m currently watching Playful Kiss (really cute love story though I want to scream at Seung Jo sometimes) and only watched one episode of Boys Over Flowers. I loved Hana Yori Dango so much that I was trying to compare it with Boys Over Flowers so I never got through it. But I’m going to try again with watching BOF with an open mind sometime soon.

  2. ahh i have watched 4/5 mentioned^^ what about you’re beautiful?? do you like it? love lee hongkis character^^ btw nice blog^^

    • I’ve watched that one! Damn, how can I forget that one? You’re Beautiful is way better comparing with You’ve Fallen For Me. There’r a lot of drama I love. I will post all of them during vacation. =D

  3. watched from 1-4 but that’s the first time I’ve hear no 5 drama

    • No. 5 is a Japanese drama. Whaha, it’s sóóó funny! I’ve watched the anime, the movies and read the manga. =D

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