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안녕하세요! Hi!

U people, the couple of times my pictures, videos & musicfiles are popping out of nowhere! Some of them are CREDITED, but most of them ARE NOT! Let me tell you, it’s free to add my pictures, videos & musicfiles to other sites I don’t use. BUT! It’s ONLY FREE when YOU CREDIT ME

It’s important to CREDIT me. I give u the opportunity to use my pictures, videos & musicfiles, but instead CREDIT the blog!

This person on DAILYMOTION credited my works! I’m really happy with this! Sites as BrokenControllers, Webstatschecker, etc. credited my works, but the people who use the files on these websites should also know to credit the blog.

Examples to credit the blog:

”This video is brought to you by Unlimited Desires”

”This picture is made by Unlimited Desires”

”This file is brought to you by Unlimited Desires”

”All rights are reserved for Unlimited Desires” 

If I encounter pictures, videos and (music)files which are NOT CREDITED, I WILL CLAIM THE RIGHTS OF THE BLOG. Keep that in mind!

Today’s Outfit ‘Cheap n Chic’

Today’s look is really cheap! O crap, that’s my new hairstyle! What do u think? It’s a bit different. The back is oblique. Haha. I can’t take a picture from behind. 😥 O god’s grief! Okay, let’s continue about my outfit. How much do u think this whole outfit costs? — Keep that in mind — Copy this > H&M Tank €9,95 ♡ H&M Skirt €9,95 ♡ Primark Necklace with Heart pendant €3 ♡ Together an outfit for only €22,90! < I buy a lot of cloths everywhere, but I’m not a really H&M-fan, but since I went to A’dam all the time this summer, I couldn’t bear myself for not going to the shop on the Dam. Well, what do u think? U can create a chic look with a less amount of money! :’D

These are my new GUESS earrings! The quality of this picture is quite lame. D: Well, I love these earrings. It’s simple and I can wear it with everything. :’D I love basic stuff. I was hunting for stuff this summer, but I think I’m a bit broke now. Although… ”broke”. Not like I have no money anymore. I just don’t want to break down the limit of €…… Every girl have dreams… So am I, I want to go to Asia next year, so I have to save some money! :’D

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

안녕하세요! Hello!

Yesterday I was listening to Super Junior‘s new songs! I kinda like it. ‘Be My Girl‘ is my favorite! Although ‘Walkin‘ and ‘Mr. Simple‘ are also good. Haha. So funny! ‘I’m mistah Simple!‘ Whaa! After the songs ended, I saw other videos… Like ‘Korean loves plastic surgery‘, I was kinda curious so I clicked on the ‘play’-button… Oh my God! What the heck! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Seriously… Almost everyone use plastic surgery… I don’t know why, but I was really in shock! I don’t know whether the pictures are real or not, but I am sure that most of the Korean actors and actresses used plastic surgery… The pictures may be fake, but the fact is there. But… Now I think about it, our desires are really unlimited.

I know that not everyone can be born pretty, but is it kinda deceiving yourself in all possible ways? Also to the fans and viewers? I keep questioning this. I mean nobody is perfect, it would be rather crazy if everyone is perfect… Then u don’t have any criticism in the world… Criticism can be positive or negative, it’s how u look at it or how u will deal with it. If people can’t be confident as the way they are, they look for other ways to change this. This is normal, you think? I think it’s normal, but if u can’t see the positive things in criticism, u will be dissatisfied all the time… That’s why people end up in a depression and they may do the same things again. I believe happiness is not something u can’t control. So how will people feel in the inside? R they really happy with themself or r they thinking that they r happy?

New title, new life.

안녕하세요! Hello!

I’m really sorry if u didn’t found my blog anymore! It’s not expired, no, I changed the title! 미안해! I’m sorry! Let me explain it to u. I really wanted to change my blogtitle, layout, etc. The name ‘Ironic Creature‘ is meaningless to me, it doesn’t mean anything to the subject of my entire blog. I wanted to change the title to ‘Unlimited Dreams’, but unfortunately the title already exist! *sobsob* So, then I thought, why not using ‘Desires’ instead of ‘Dreams’? It worked out well. So… There might things u see ‘Ironic Creature’ logos or stuff like that. I will keep this title, because I’m more satisfied with it. I hope u like it too! Well, got to go! U know, uploading kDrama! Whaa. Fighting!

Going Beyond the Borders to Reach Our Desire. – Unlimited Desires 

잘! Bye!