안녕하세요! Hi!

U people, the couple of times my pictures, videos & musicfiles are popping out of nowhere! Some of them are CREDITED, but most of them ARE NOT! Let me tell you, it’s free to add my pictures, videos & musicfiles to other sites I don’t use. BUT! It’s ONLY FREE when YOU CREDIT ME. 

It’s important to CREDIT me. I give u the opportunity to use my pictures, videos & musicfiles, but instead CREDIT the blog!

This person on DAILYMOTION credited my works! I’m really happy with this!  Sites as BrokenControllers, Webstatschecker, etc. credited my works, but the people who use the files on these websites should also know to credit the blog!

Examples to credit the blog:

”This video is brought to you by Unlimited Desires”

”This picture is made by Unlimited Desires”

”This file is brought to you by Unlimited Desires”

”All rights are reserved for Unlimited Desires” 

U like us, u get stuff, u don’t like us, u get nothing. That’s the mojo.

If I encounter pictures, videos and (music)files which are NOT CREDITED, I WILL CLAIM THE RIGHTS OF THE BLOG. Keep that in mind!


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