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Ouran High School Host Club ~ Episode 1 ~

Hello everybody! This is not the anime, no no, it’s the live-action version! Yay! I’m so sorry that the size is really smal. I’ve probably used HD as my dimension. 😐 I used Caviar Dream 36! Normally I use 26. ‘What the hell are u talking about?’ Yeah, em, the font I use for Myung Wol the Spy, City Hunter and Heartstrings is Century Gothic 26… So, comparing with OHSHC, it’s a bit weird. I will try to fix this. I know it’s annoying to read this.

Darlings! I’ve re-uploaded the parts, but they removed it again! Please go to this site! If you want to watch the Japanese version of ‘You’re Beautiful’, please go to this site!

I won’t upload this drama anymore! The broadcast network are mirroring, so annoying!


• Ouran High School Host Club • Live Action! >◡<

1. Become a mangaka → 2. Make a truely heartwarming funny story → 3. Become very popular among the boys & girls → 4. Sell your manga over the whole wide world → 5. Your manga will be shown as an anime → 6. Sell your anime over the whole wide world → 7. Be popular over the whole world → 8. End your manga with a beautiful scene → 9. After some times ur fans will be unsastified and are hoping for more. The demand went so high, that u make  special chapter, but it’s not enough! → 10. Finally, ur manga will be a live-action! Yes a drama!

Whaa, I can’t draw… So no fame and fortune for me! *sob sob* I’m digressing! One of my favorite mangas was Ouran High School Host Club! Like always I’ve watched the anime first, then after the last episode I began to read the manga. I know… I’m weird, but I was curious how it would end… I was quite sastified with the end, although they could continue with the story. Hehe.

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