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It’s got to be pink!

Well, I promised to upload some pictures of my new phone. So here it is:

Today I’ve received a new case for my phone, it’s hot pink! Whaha, I kinda love this color. I’ve bought the case, because I’m scared of having scratches… Woho, I also have a purple case for my iPod, look look:



GUYS! I have to tell you something!

I have a new mobile phone! Hehe, my mom was strongly against it, but I don’t care. So, yeah, I have finally an android phone! The Samsung Galaxy Ace White, duh! I am so fast with swype! Haha, I totally got used to that! However I can’t call or text yet, my provider will send my sim-card in a few days. I hope I will get my iPod Touch 4G back as soon as possible. I kinda miss it, until I knew I could use my iPod headset! Hahaha. I was like: ‘O wow, it works! YAY!’

I will upload some pics if I have the time… Or if I remember it… Hehe. It’s because I have exams over one week and I am really busy with learning stuff and so.

O, before I will click on ‘Publish’, I will try to find a new interesting Asian drama, so you guys would not be yawning all day long. Haha.