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Heartstrings ~ Episode 12 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 11 ~

I hope this episode works. 😦 But u know, it’s kinda awesome. I love love love this drama. I’m hoping for a good end for Gyu Won on the 100th anniversary performance. Han Hui Ju is such a b*tch & I hate her mother.  Yeo Joon Hee (Kang Min Hyuk) haves to end up with Cha Bo Woon (Im Se Mi)! She looks so good without the braids!


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Heartstrings ~ Episode 10 ~

I’m sorry for the last episodes… I’ll blame MBC’s doing. T_T Sue them instead of complaining. YeahYeah. Whaa, just watch this episode & u’ll be happy u found me. LOL. I’m just kidding. Haha. Part one is again removed by MBC. I’ve uploaded the part twice… I kinda hate this broadcast network, it’s getting on my nerves.

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 9 ~

안녕하세요! Hello! Again I’m sorry for being late with uploading this time! It was a day of moving from A to B. I hope u’ll bookmark this website, because ‘Ironic Creature’ is gone forever! Please support this site and expand ur desires to more people! Thanks in advance! 

~ I’ll try to upload the drama on another account or site… >.>

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 8 ~

Don’t mention the ‘Ironic Creature’ in the picture, I’m aware of it. ^o^ Got to say, this episode is freaking awesome! Just awesome! I love love love the new scriptwriter. Can I marry her/him? Hahaha! I’m in love again! I’ve already watched episode 9! OMYGOD. It’s so GREAT! I’m not lying! Not at all! O, I’m sorry for the font… I thought I used ‘Century Gothic‘ as usual, but maybe I was clicking too fast. ToT Well, enjoy this episode!

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