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Ouran High School Host Club ~ Episode 1 ~

Hello everybody! This is not the anime, no no, it’s the live-action version! Yay! I’m so sorry that the size is really smal. I’ve probably used HD as my dimension. 😐 I used Caviar Dream 36! Normally I use 26. ‘What the hell are u talking about?’ Yeah, em, the font I use for Myung Wol the Spy, City Hunter and Heartstrings is Century Gothic 26… So, comparing with OHSHC, it’s a bit weird. I will try to fix this. I know it’s annoying to read this.

Darlings! I’ve re-uploaded the parts, but they removed it again! Please go to this site! If you want to watch the Japanese version of ‘You’re Beautiful’, please go to this site!

I won’t upload this drama anymore! The broadcast network are mirroring, so annoying!


Myung Wol the Spy (스파이 명월)

Hello everyone! It’s so nice to blog again after my bad mood was gone! Haha, I’m so positive about this drama! I really like Han Ye Seul! She’s funny on her own way, that makes it so unique! She’s already 28, but she still looks like a damn hot ajumma! Haha. You can’t disagree about this fact! My goodness, ERIC! Omo! (o)/ Although I don’t really like his red hair. Nevertheless he is awesome, don’t u think? Ah, that’s right, u agree with me all the way long. – I’m sorry if u don’t understand my way of talking English

After Lie To Me, I decided to upload a NEW drama. Hmm, the first drama after LTM was Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me, but my interest about this show decreased! The first episode of HS is kinda cool and making my heart go – BOEM BOEM BOEM – Like in The Greatest Love -, but episode 2, 3  & 4 is not really interesting. Almost boring. Like u know, I am a really good searcher on the web. Wha, since a couple of weeks I knew about this new KBS drama! Myung Wol the Spy, such a funny plot! HAHA.

An elite North Korean spy, Han Myung Wol (Han Ye Seul), and her partner, Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook), infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, Kang Woo (Eric). Despite her proficiency at her job, Myung Wol’s one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with Kang Woo instead.

So basically, Han Myung Wol, an elite North Korean spy, haves to kipnap a South Korean top star (Kang Woo)! LOOL!


  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-11 to 2011-Aug-??
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


  • Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol
  • Eric as Kang Woo
  • Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu
  • Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah

Production Credits

  • Chief Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
  • Producer: Im Kyu Yong (임규용), Kim Jin Woo (김진우)
  • Director: Hwang In Hyuk, Kim Young Kyoon (김영균)
  • Screenwriter: Kim Eun Young (김은영), Kim Jung Ah

Available on YouTube

Heartstrings ~ Episode 1 ~

I’m sorry for the delay! It took hardships to translate the episode. For the first time I was helping to translate, I was kinda happy to be useful. I hope you won’t be disappointed! Please enjoy watching this episode! It’s really funny! \(^o^\) Kang Min Hyuk (Yeo Joon Hee) is so  adorable. He’s always hungry! Haha. Jung Yong Hwa (Lee Sin) plays a rude person. I kinda dislike that… Park Shin Hye (Lee Kyu Won) is really cheerful with lots of brightness. Lee Sin & Lee Kyu Won r exactly the same when it comes to music, but they hate each other. T.T

Next: Episode 2

Material Queen (拜金女王)

Yay, there’s a new drama that actually attracts me! It’s called ‘Material Queen‘ (拜金女王)! I’ve found it this morning on MySoju. It’s quite interesting, I think. I will tell you the details! It’s a Taiwanese drama! The genre is obviously ROMANCE! Well yeah, if you go to Paris to make promotional photo’s, it’s got to be ROMANCE! Hehe. The drama contains 20 episodes which will aired on CTS every week on Friday (22.00). The first episode is already up! Yeah, got to watch it this week, because Lie To Me is almost finished. :[ I’m kinda sad with the thought that the drama is almost completed! Okay, I’m digressing. The main characters are Van Ness Wu & Lynn Hung! Huh wha? Van Ness Wu? Yeah, he was of Meteor Garden! – Didn’t watched the Taiwanese version, because the quality of the vids were bad. – Well, I don’t watch Taiwanese drama that often, I think it’s because they talk to fast and yell to loud. Although I’m half Chinese, I kinda dislike  my language. T.T

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