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Super Junior – Mr. Simple [ALBUM]

Since this week I began to listen to SuJu’s music. I’m quite into their music. Their new album is really really awesome! I can’t get enough (Whaa, BEP!) of it! When I’m at home, SuJu. When I’m on my bike, Suju. When I’m walking, SuJu. When I’m outside, SuJu. When I’m on air, SuJu. Everywhere I come, it’s SuJu! Always listening to SuJu on my iPod. ”Always” like since this week. Lmao! I’m in love with their new album!

People, I’ve the new album of Super Junior, wanna have the songs? :$ Ah, I won’t upload them on my blog. I’m afraid of SuJu fans who r saying bad things about me. :$ I’ll share the links on Facebook! Be aware of it! U like us, u get stuff, u don’t like us, u get nothing. That’s the mojo. 

I don’t own any rights. I know u would be angry at me and stuff, screaming because I’m not suporting them etcetera. Well, but u know, u clicked on ”download”, so don’t blame me or any stuff. It’s ur own fault. Don’t complain. Fuckya!