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My new purchase!

Wow, finally a post that doesn’t involve with drama! Haha! A month ago I’ve ordered a Carrera Champion DL5! If you don’t know the designer, shame on you! It’s one of the most wanted sunglasses… Well, more like, everyone had to have one of these. It’s not a must have, but a basic thing in your bag. x’D I really like sunglasses. I’ve bought a lot… But most of them are not my taste in the end… Six months ago, I’ve bought Gucci sunglasses, in the beginning I was like: ‘Wohoho, I’ve spended so much money for Gucci, but I really like them, yo!‘ Then months passed away, then I was like: ‘Mooooom, do you want my Gucci’s? I don’t like them anymore… After that I’ve bought Aviators, but I disliked them also. Then I’d to order two Guess sunglasses for my mother. Why do you ask? … Vacation time, I suppose. I only like Guess shoes & bags, not sunglasses, not my taste. T_T’ Well, like I said, a month ago I’ve ordered the Carrera Champion. It’s a Spanish designer, but made in Italy. Yeah, kinda freaky. x’D If you don’t know any thing of Carrera, just search on google (images): ‘Carrera Champion’! Omo, a lot of celebrities wears it! >.< The price of the sunglasses? Well, about €120… Not that expensive compare to my Gucci’s… That was like €190. >.< My friend says that I’m a shopaolic, but I’m not! I’ve like (I think) 25-30 bags… Is that much? …  Idk. x’D I never count the things I have. That would be crazy, because I know I’ve a lot of things… Well yeah, that’s enough. XD


My Little Notebook

A week ago I was busy with surfing on the WORLD WIDE WEB (always wanted to say it that way). I was searching for chicklits, but I found a quite interesting article on the website, about ‘My Favorite Notes‘. It’s a small book which you can write in. Its your personal book. It contains 128 pages with alot themes like ‘Brilliant Ideas’, ‘My Favorite Recipes’, ‘Cities I want to visit’, ‘Thing I want to see’, ‘My Cultural Agenda’, etc! If you like to make lists, you have to buy this notebook from Belmondo Books. You have 4 different versions; for women, men, boys and girls! Price? Only for €9,90!!!

I totally loved it when I saw this last week, but I was not sure about the format of the book, so I didn’t bought it. However if you had read my last post ‘To Understand or To Not Understand‘, I want to change my behaviour, mind, inside, outside, future and the world. Or at least, I want to try my best to receive this. After posting I didn’t hesitated and so I had bought it. Now I called it: ‘My Little Notebook’. ‘Huyen what’s that little book?’ … ‘Well, its MY LITTLE NOTEBOOK!’


I was quite pissed off when the 7 days (❣) had passed away… Because they promissed you to deliver the orders in 7 days… And it was almost 2 weeks! O_O Like, HELLO?!?! But, when I came home from my work my mom said: ‘Huyen, there’s a package for you’. So, I was happy! REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY hap-py. I’ve made some (bad) pictures… I’m not a good photographer… And I had used my digital camera & not the CANON blablabla from my parents. XD

It’s a box? Woooooooooooo…

Let see what’s inside the box.

And what’s inside of the box in the box?

Close up