Goodbye City Hunter, Hello Protect the Boss!

Goodbye City Hunter! Hello Protect the Boss! Hehe. I don’t want to make it long, so here’s the synopsis: ‘No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung), the immature youngest son of a chaebol family.’

I’m not gonna upload this drama, because I want to focus on my studies after vacation. Although I’ve one month left! I’m already busy with uploading Heartstrings and Myung Wol the Spy! Hmm, u should watch the teaser! I think I’m going to watch this drama because of Hero Jaejoong, although he’s not the leading actor, but I just like him. Ji Sung is not my type. He’s an ajussi an I don’t like his haircut. I liked him in that drama with Eugene some years ago… D: It was my first kDrama ever! 😛

I want to sincerly thank the City Hunter crew, except director Jin Hyuk. U should retire right away! U baka, I don’t like the end. U should go on ur knees and sincerly beg for ur forgiveness to all the viewers!


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  1. this one is already finished….what is after protect the boss?

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