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The final end of 49 Days!

I won’t spoil anything about the final 2 episodes. You have to watch it by yourself. One thing I want to share: I cried the whole time.

Thanks to the crew of 49 Days! I really appreciated the hard working!

Here are some cute pictures (during the whole drama):

Want to watch it? Off course, you want it! Hehe.

Watch EPISODE 19! (SUB)

Watch EPISODE 20! (RAW)


49 Days after episode 18!


I was kinda disapointed after episode 16 last week, but God, I am more than sastified after episode 18! Although I can’t wait for the final ending! I’m still curious about how Shin In Jung and Kang Min Hoo will end together! I’ve watch episode 17 & 18 without subtitles, so here are my thoughts about the episodes. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s just me guessing about the episodes. Here are the important things that happened in episode 17 & 18! If you want to watch the episodes, just clickclick! :’)


Watch EPISODE 17 (SUB)

1. In episode 16, SYK went to the trainstation, taking a trip to the pension? However HK & JH came to look for her! They had found her and persuaded her to go back. Oho, the Scheduler helped JH to go to the trainstation! …

2. Song Yi Kyung can see Ji Hyun!

3. The Scheduler helped SYK (JH) with picking ingredients for SYK‘s dinner. :’D

4. SYK can actually contact with Ji Hyun! Wohoho, the new Char! Haha, just kidding. It’s because they have a strong connection with eachother (I guess).

5. SYK & JH have a lot of stalkers… 1. Kang Min Hoo 2. Han Kang 3. Song Yi Soo 4. Shin In Jung The last one… Shin In Jung is trying to treat SYK (JH). So lame, hate her. Go get a life, SIJ!

6. Another appearance! Kang Min Hoo went to the Purple Coffee shop… But SYK knows who he is and is defending Ji Hyun! Wohoho, you go girl, go diss that son of a b****!

7. Han Kang gave Ji Hyun‘s mother her seal. To get rid of some (financial) problems. I think! Kang Min Hoo is in trouble! Haha!

8. I think Ji Hyun‘s parents knows everything about the problems that Kang Min Hoo & Shin In Jung caused this whole time.

9. SYK (JH) went to KMH‘s apartment to find out what’s in the save. But there was nothing! Nevertheless, KMH was suprisingly popping up in front of her. And he used an exorcist to find the ‘ghost/soul’! Hahaha. So desperated. However, the exorrcist was good, he actually did found Ji Hyun, but she was saved on time! Saved by HK & the Scheduler. :’D

10. At the end SYK hugged HK (see picture above)! But but, was it JH or the real SYK? DON’T KNOW! I think SYK (JH) is testing HK‘s feelings! Orso.

Watch EPISODE 18 (SUB)

1. SYK was testing HK‘s feelings for Ji Hyun! Hihi. :’D

2. SYK (JH) & HK went the market… Woot, he cooked for the two of them. How cute. x’D

3. Things are getting tough for KMH & SIJ! Hehe.

4. SIJ tried to take off the mask of JH @ the hospital. Guess who saved JH again? Tiktaktiktak boom! HAN KANG! *\o/*

5. HK went to KMH after that accident. HK scolded him! Boeblegheh. Talking about KMH‘s parents. Stuff… HK dissed him! :’D

6. I thought that HK confessed his feelings towards JH, although he told this to the manager. >◡<

7. JH‘s mom hitted SIJ. Yeah, she knows everything. Watch out SIJ & KMH! You’ll be destroyed! \(^o^\)

8. It’s possible that SYK (JH) wanted to go away, again. She have a short time to get the other 2 tears, so she decided to end it this way. I thought she cried because she was saying sayonara. T_T

9. SYK (JH) went to the hospital to met her parents. She went out of SYK‘s body after she played that sad song. Don’t know the title anymore, sorry. It was really emotional. :’o O wait, I was right, she was saying goodbye… When SYK woke up, JH was gone…


O my freakin’ God! Yeah I KNOW!

49 Days after episode 16!

Hi everyone! We’ve got such great weather these days! So great that I went out too much, which is bad for my wallet. Hehe. Well, I’ve had time to watch the 2 episodes! I have to admit those writers got me confused! The end of episode 16 doesn’t make any sense to me. I literally freaked out, because I didn’t understand what they were doing! So, I have to wait till tomorrow, because I’ve watched it without subs! Tonight the subs of episode 15 will be aired on YouTube! I will update this post. :’) Hmm, couple of things I want to say about the 2 episodes. Oh em, I used some abbreviations. SYK = Song Yi Kyung, JH = Ji Hyun, HK = Han Kang, SYS = Song Yi Soo, SIJ = Shin In Jung, KMH = Kang Min Hoo & PSW = Park Seo Woo!

Watch Episode 15

1. KMH stalked SYK (JH), but when the real SYK went to work, he went to the shop too… Woho, confrontation number 2! SYK was confused and panicked after they talked. Guess what? The doctor came to rescue her! Haha.

2. After that SYK and the doctor had a short chat… SYK talked about her past, her past with SYS… Another guess. Who do you think that overheard their chat? tiktaktiktak boom! Yeah, the Scheduler! Omo, he cried! Omygod. :’D

3. Ji Hyun‘s dad is going to take the surgery! HK brought SYK (Ji Hyun) to the hospital. He (HK) gave her the possibility to have a talk with her parents.

4. SYK (JH) went out the hospital and saw someone with the same necklace as her (see the first picture)! Another person with the 49 days trial! He looked quite sad… He had not one tear! So SYK (JH) pitied him a bit… Because she knows how difficult it is to ‘live’ like this. In the end she gave him some money.

5. At the end of the day HK & SYK (JH) had a sort of ‘date’, although the intension is well, different. If you ask me which one it is, I say DATE! :’D > My goodness, KMH is just a jealous stalking person > hate him!

6. There was a flashback… of Ji Hyun! About the issues between HK & his mom… The relation between them isn’t so good.

7. Ji Hyun‘s dad’s operation went well! \o/

8. Park Seo Woo had found out about the affair of KMH & SIJ! She was mad man! She bitchslapped her several times! Wohoho, she’s my heroin! Yeah, Park Seo Woo, you go girl! Go hit SIJ!

9. So, SIJ & SYK (JH) had another chat… It was about the matter why she is doing this… All because she’s jealous. Blegh so lame. Loser.

10. SYK (JH) went to the Scheduler in his music room to ask him what the meaning is from a particular picture… (SYS with another woman?!)

Watch Episode 16

1. SYS (Scheduler) realises his love for SYK. There was a flashback of their fight and his accident. It was so emotional! I cried… SYK thought SYS was cheating on her, but the big issue was that SYS had chosen for his music… But he’s not cheating on her… Because he worked really hard to buy a … (Just guess! :D)

2. SIJ went to a sort of guru, haha, so lame. x’D!

3. HK figured something out! He knows about the tears and the necklace! Woho, what will he do now?

4. KMH is really desperate… He? Just watch. Fortunately HK came to rescue SYK (JH)!

5. SYK is so popular! Another stalker appears! Yeah, the Scheduler (SYS)! He followed her to her work and was even standing for her nose watching was she was doing. Aw, love, it’s really magical! > OMO, DOES SYK HAVE A HEART PROBLEM? <

6. Every time I look at SIJ, I really want to get her eyes right?! She haves a weird tik. Uhoho, it’s my opinion. x’D She told about the affair to PSW! PSW was shocked. (Hehe, just hit her again! x’D)

7. SYK (JH) met that fellow with the same 49 Days trial before.. and she met him again? But I don’t know for what… Or she didn’t? I’m quite confused. :’o Whether I’ve watched the right parts or not. Hehe. So confusing.

8. Another chat with KMH? O man, I really dislike him. I like him more in Shining Inheritance! Hmpf. Well, he’s threatening SYK (JH)! Omygod, he knows it…

9. Because JH knows that SYK caused the accident, JH is mad at SYK. JH touched her! O God, wrong move JH! Wrong Wrong!

10. SYK went away, when KMH visited her in the Purple Coffee shop… I mean, he gave some business card and the next day she ‘saw’ JH and asked her to leave her house! O_O Then SYK went to the trainstation and stepped on the train?! O my God! Why?! Where is she going to? I DON’T KNOW! Doesn’t make any sense!

Don’t you think Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) looks so cute with her parents? x’D

This is the first picture with only the three of them! Shin In Jung, Shin Ji Hyun & Park Seo Woo! And it’s the first time that I like the person Shin In Jung. She looks better whithout the problems she and her lover caused…

There will only 4 episodes left!

49 Days! after episode 12: ‘I want more!’

Hello you! I’m sorry for not keeping my promise. You all have been curious about the latest episode. Off course, you are! I’d already posted about the newest episode a few days ago. You’ve also read that the part of episode 12 were based on my thoughts and imaginaging, because I’ve watched it without subs! On saturday I’ve finally watched the episode with subs! Yay! I was so happy, you couldn’t imagine!


O my, I can’t understand Korean at all, but I could figure something out, without the subs! Hehe, kinda funny, I think. So, here’s a summary (in my point of view): Ji Hyun fell out of Yi Kyung‘s body and is having a major problem: ‘What to do?!’ She grabbed her phone and pushed the emergency button (I want one too! Kya, imagine: ‘With one button, Il Jung Woo appears in front of you! Haha)! The Scheduler appeared, saying to Ji Hyun: ‘You, troublemaker!’ and scolded her. Haha, that face of Ji Hyun is so cute, when she get scolded, like she’s innocient (but she is!). In some way, Yi Kyung woke up in the park. She woke up, because she had strong feelings about the place. This was the place she went with Yi Soo and had a very beautiful day. Yeah, that’s the correct word. Although it was meant to be cheerful, I cried several times… The scene that I mean, was actually already shown in my precious post. Suddenly she fell asleep again, but before she did, she saw Yi Soo. Hm, but the thing is, Han Kang and Yi Kyung would see this as dreams, although it actually happened! Han Kang and Ji Hyun had also a flashback (together)… They had to collect money for some charities together… And they had decided to do tarrot cards prediction, to be honest, the only one who was serious about this event was Ji Hyun. It went wrong… Ji Hyun ran away and the other day her parents suddenly decided to move to Seoul. Han Kang went to class with a bouquet of white roses (to say sorry)… Then the flasbacks was doomeddd, that was the moment that Ji Hyun had to possess Yi Kyung‘s body… O my, Han Kang directly knows that ‘she’ is back in Yi Kyung‘s body and had taken her along…

I’m kinda tired, I’ve been up since 6 a.m. So I will cut my summary. Hehe, you should watch episode 12 yourself!

Go to YouTube! (I watch it from UnknowCarrot660)

My review after 12 episodes of 49 Days!

Hi, everyone! Here I am again after three days! Wow, I’ve to admit I’ve been busy this week. Don’t ask if I’ve watched episode 11 or 12, because I already did! Woehaha. To be honest I don’t remember that much of episode 11, but on the other hand I’ve watched episode 12 three times without subs! So amazing, right? Alright, before reading, I’ll warn you:


Here we go! My prediction was right! Off course I was right! Ji Hyun’s first tear is from Han Kang. – Han Kang Ji Hyun – However, Han Kang does know about the 49 Days story from the monks and he knows that Ji Hyun borrows Song Yi Kyung’s body. Now his attitude changed a bit towards Yi Kyung, so Ji Hyun’s really suprised, because his temper declined a bit. In episode 10, Ji Hyun decided to end this all and go to the Elevator. So she had written all kind of letters and even cleaned the apartment of Yi Kyung! Haha. Kinda funny. However, receiving her first tear had a big impact, so she will continue to get the other two tears! *\o/* Well, the room is too orderly, so she had to make it a bit dirty-looking. x’D She grabbed a box with dust and when she tried to put it back, the box disintegrated… Handy! A lot of cards and books falled down on the ground…

The card says: ‘Song Yi Kyung. Congratulations for becoming a middle school student.’ Ji Hyun: ‘Is this Song Yi Soo?‘ Another card says: ‘Congrats, Song Yi Kyung on your 20th birthday. Even when you’re 99 years old, I will still wish you ‘happy birthday’! – Yi Soo O my! So hehe, Yi Soo is NOT Yi Kyung’s little brother, but we knew that already… Ji Hyun concluded that Yi Soo must be dead… Then she said: ‘Even if it’s like this, what exactly happened to Song Yi Soo? No matter what methods I have to use, I will try to find out!’

In episode 11 the place Ji Nan is really important. Han Kang, Ji Hyun, Shin In Jung and Park Seo Woo lived and met each other in this place. They went to the same school, they spend a lot times together and so and so… In the end of the episode, Yi Kyung (Ji Hyun) and Kang Min Ho were walking together in the park, then she was suddenly dizzy. Suprising or not, Ji Hyun ‘felt out’ of Yi Kyung’s body. Now the real Yi Kyung ask to Kang Min Ho: ‘Who are you?!‘ O my, really, what’s happening? Well, I will tell ya, haha.

Happily or not, but Shin In Jung came on the right time! Finally she did something good. x’D Kang Min Ho grabbed Shin In Jung’s hand and went away. So, they are gone, gone… Another coincidence! Han Kang saw everything! Wajo, unbelievable! Don’t ya think? He went to Yi Kyung and helped her. A minute later she walked between the cherry blossoms, while Han Kang is watching over her (he just walked behind her back). In the meanwhile, the Scheduler scolded Ji Hyun! After that, they ran to Yi Kyung and Han Kang. When they saw a group of high schoolers promoting their school in the park, they all (exclusive the Scheduler) have flashbacks… The first one of Yi Kyung… (I CRIED LIKE A BABY!) My goodness, here watch!

O MY FREAKIN’ GOD! I watch this  part over and over! It was really emotional, although I couldn’t understand what they said, but gosh, look at their faces! So sad! Song Yi Kyung and Song Yi Soo (the Scheduler) looked so happy! I really love the two of them At the end, Yi Kyung SAW Song Yi Soo! O my! AAAA! My head is going’ round and round, crazyness! It’s a tragedy that he died so young! Please let him live again! 😥

After a while… There was a scene that Han Kang hit Kang Min Ho FOUR (!!!) times! Like I said before, Han Kang saw everything! I think he know that Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung are having an affair. Woho, I like giving bitchslaps away. Hihi! I will wait for the subs… That’s why I have to let my imaginaging running! Yeaah. Let them flowww! I have to tell you a lot, but I will post another review after I’ve watched episode 12 with subs!

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See you tomorrow?