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Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume Final Chapter!

I’ve never been sastified as I am right now. The end was perfect, although I want to let it continue. It’s getting interesting to the point that ‘they’ are finally together! Aw, it was so cute of Shindou-san! What he did, aw, too cute. This manga is one of my favorites and it’s so funny. The artwork is just so hilarious! Haha, I kept smiling whenever I read a chapter. You should read this manga! =D Click on the picture to read the final chapter!


Faster Than A Kiss ~ Chapter 41 ~

I really love this manga. Aigo, it’s so cute. The crossdressing scenes are just perfect. Haha, it’s so funny!  You have to read it! If you’ve never heard about this manga. Shame on you! Tanaka Meca is the author of this Shoujo manga. The manga is still ongoing, otherwise I won’t update it. ^^

Here’s the plot: ‘After losing their parents, Fumiko and her brother move from one relative to another. Fed up with the constant moving, Fumiko decides to quit school and find a job to support her brother herself. While she sits on the park bench contemplating her situation, she suddenly finds her teacher standing in front of her. Surprisingly, their encounter ends with a marriage proposal and her teacher‘s promise to support and take care of Fumiko and her brother. Is he serious or just playing around!?’

Click on the hot picture to read the chapter. \(^o^\)

Update: Hapi Mari Ch. 16 & 17!

Lately I’ve only posted about K-drama… I’m truely sorry! But finally there are some updates of Hapi Mari! One of my fav’s manga! I hope you will enjoy it. Click on the picture to read Chapter 16 & Chapter 17!

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama ch. 61!

Omg, they’re really fast!

On Monday’s there are not many things that are interesting… Only in the night, then we will watch Lie To Me! ❤ However, it’s been a while for me to read manga! I’m really hooked up by Korean drama… Well, clickclickclick for chapter 61! There was also a special chapter, but you can’t read it on Mangareader nor Mangafox. Maybe you’ve to try 🙂


Some time ago, I’ve posted chapter 57! They were actually getting in the mood! I couldn’t wait for a whole month for their first kiss. However, during this short month time went by like it was one day. I’ve watched too many drama and went too many out… Like shopping. Going to the capital and spending money like crazy. Hehe. I know I own a lot of stuff, but it’s never enough. My needs are growing like weed. :S It will never stop. BUT! You have to read this chapter (click on the picture above)! I will read it after I push the button ‘Publish’. X’D