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Heartstrings ~ Episode 9 ~

안녕하세요! Hello! Again I’m sorry for being late with uploading this time! It was a day of moving from A to B. I hope u’ll bookmark this website, because ‘Ironic Creature’ is gone forever! Please support this site and expand ur desires to more people! Thanks in advance! 

~ I’ll try to upload the drama on another account or site… >.>

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 7 ~

Hi darlings! Sorry for the delay! I was busy shopping in Amsterdam again! Wohoho. To be honest this episode is WAY BETTER than the precious episodes! Mm, the next episode is a ‘special’… But u have to know, the ‘special‘ episode are just CUTS / SCENES OF EPISODE 1 TO 7! So, basically, it’s a really BORING ‘special’. I think I won’t upload this ‘special’, pff, just a waste of my time and yours as well!

LOL, iMBC blocked all the parts of Episode 7 (well, not all..), but what the heck?! I hate MBC! All right, you have to go to to watch the episode! I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna re-upload the episode. I’m sorry, but I’m not crazy enough to this twice.

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 4 ~

Hi everyone! Another episode is out! Yay… ^__^ Yes, I am being sarcastic. I’m not happy at all. My mood is bad. Not only of this episode, but also of some f* annoying problems. Yeah, being childish is my biggest hobby. ‘They say bad things happen for a reason.’ I DON’T F* CARE! Again, sorry for my attitude.

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 3 ~

The ratings of the episodes of Heartstrings dropped in Korea. After 2 episodes, the ratings of episode 3 & 4 are even lower than the first two episodes. City Hunter is taking the lead, of course, Lee Min Ho is irresistible. City Hunter and Heartstrings are airing on the same days and times. If I had to choose between those two, I would choose City Hunter and that was exactly what I did this week. I was not really interested in the episodes of Heartstrings after episode 2. It’s basically a bit boring to me. Kang Min Hyuk who likes the dancer, who is not interested in him at all. While the girl with braids is more charming as a person toward Kang Min Hyuk. Lee Shin who is basically annoying all the time, but there are times that he actually smiles. Somehow some scenes are just annoying and wasteful. This is my opinion after episode 4. I hope it will be better… That the scriptwriters will be more creative and hopefully they will add more logical scenes. Well, here’s episode 3!

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Heartstrings ~ Episode 1 ~

I’m sorry for the delay! It took hardships to translate the episode. For the first time I was helping to translate, I was kinda happy to be useful. I hope you won’t be disappointed! Please enjoy watching this episode! It’s really funny! \(^o^\) Kang Min Hyuk (Yeo Joon Hee) is so  adorable. He’s always hungry! Haha. Jung Yong Hwa (Lee Sin) plays a rude person. I kinda dislike that… Park Shin Hye (Lee Kyu Won) is really cheerful with lots of brightness. Lee Sin & Lee Kyu Won r exactly the same when it comes to music, but they hate each other. T.T

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