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Myung Wol the Spy ~ Episode 10 [RAW] ~

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~ Episode 10 English subtitles! ~


Myung Wol the Spy ~ Preview ~ Episode 10 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛

Last Scene: Myung Wol passed her audition with Gang U’s help (see the notes on the script). Suddenly he came in and all supporters are asking him: ‘Are u in relationship with In A?’ He said: ‘In A and I are indeed lovers. Already started to discuss about marriage.’

Preview: No need for any explanation, right? He is faking their ”relationship” on behalf of finding his dad. In A’s dad haves some kinda contacts with N-K and people in the illegal auction world. Instead of his doing, he also hurts Myung Wol.

Myung Wol the Spy ~ Cuts of Episode 8 ~ [SPOILERS]

I forgot one scene! That one was really da bomb! How could I forgot it? Blame me. Hit Me. Scold me. No, just hug me. I’ll give u a recap of that scene. Whaa. $: Every time Kang Woo looks at Myung Wol his heart goes doki doki. He wants to change it, so he gave her a lot of cloths… Not-fashionable clothing! But instead his imagination goes round and round and says: ‘So beautiful’, after that he changed her hair (HAHAHA, SHE LOOKED VERY FUNNY!), but his minds says: ‘So cute!’ than he pulled the bands out of her hair and his mind was like: ‘Sexy…’ Whaaa!

After that he tried to avoid her… He talks to her while not looking at her, because she turns him on! LOL KANG WOO! I know ur secret! 

O-MY-GOD! I love this episode! No I don’t! I don’t love it! The end is like. *sobsob* He knows everything… Everything. I’ve warned u for spoilers, don’t get upset now. 😦