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Myung Wol the Spy ~ Episode 9 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛


Myung Wol the Spy ~ Preview ~ Episode 10 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛

Last Scene: Myung Wol passed her audition with Gang U’s help (see the notes on the script). Suddenly he came in and all supporters are asking him: ‘Are u in relationship with In A?’ He said: ‘In A and I are indeed lovers. Already started to discuss about marriage.’

Preview: No need for any explanation, right? He is faking their ”relationship” on behalf of finding his dad. In A’s dad haves some kinda contacts with N-K and people in the illegal auction world. Instead of his doing, he also hurts Myung Wol.

Heartstrings ~ Episode 9 ~

안녕하세요! Hello! Again I’m sorry for being late with uploading this time! It was a day of moving from A to B. I hope u’ll bookmark this website, because ‘Ironic Creature’ is gone forever! Please support this site and expand ur desires to more people! Thanks in advance! 

~ I’ll try to upload the drama on another account or site… >.>

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Review of City Hunter & Heartstrings


Are u having a good day? Well, I have! Todays weather is really great, but I’m stuck with those Korean dramas. I’m a bad girl! I really need some fresh air. Hehe. My mind is somehow up-side down after I’ve watched some of my favorite dramas. Mm, no, I’m lying. I forgot to watch the last episode of City Hunter! I’ve just watched the last 10 minutes and it was quite horrible in my opinion.

Oh dear, warning!  There might be huge spoilers if u continue reading this post.

While I jumped into the last 10 minutes of City Hunter, I went ‘OMG‘ all the time. Yeah. ‘OMG’ing is a new verb! I screamed like hell. Jin Pyo went to the President to kill him. Suddenly our Lee Yoon Sung appeared. He pointed his gun to his dad while his dad pointed his gun to him. Yoon Sung tried to stop his dad of killing the President, which is Yoon Sung’s real dad. Then… He pointed his gun to his head. He almost pull the tricker when Kim Na Na and the President arrived at the scene. My My. Na Na pointed her gun to Jin Pyo, but he won’t stop, because he’s a man on a mission. He must kill the President to accomplish his revenge. Suddenly the President pushed Na Na away so there is a free way for Jin Pyo to kill him. Jin Pyo pulled the tricker, but he hit Yoon Sung instead! Yoon Sung jumped in front of the President to protect him and the nation. The bullet went threw his heart.

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City Hunter ~ Lee Yoon Sung ♥ Kim Na Na ~ Kiss Scene ~

Song #1: Kim Bo Kyung – Suddenly
Song #2: Kim Jong Hyun – So Goodbye

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