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Myung Wol the Spy OST. 4 ~ Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi – 사랑 할 수 있을 때 ~

I was bored while compressing Episode 7. D: So I did this in 10 minutes. Enjoy! 사랑 할 수 있을 때 = litterly translated as ”To Be Able To Love”. Currently I’m uploading Episode 7 on YT. :’) Thanks for ur support!


Myung Wol the Spy OST Pt. 2 ~ Lena Park – More Than Anyone in the World ~

Myung Wol the Spy OST Pt. 2 ~ Lena ParkMore Than Anyone in the World ~

Heartstrings OST Part 2 ~ Kang Min Hyuk – Star ~

He is my sunshine in this drama.

The OST is available on my blog. Please go to > ‘You’ve Fallen For Me OST’ > 

Lie To Me OST ~ Cho Kyu-Chan – Walking On The Cloud ~

‘Like pouring rain’? Heh? Finally got the song!

Here’s the download link:


Lie To Me OST ~ Park Ji-Yoon – 차마 ~

It was kinda on purpose to add the audio of the scenes! :’] Because without them is like… not so enthusiastic. :’D