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My study

I’m a 17 year old student at the college named Hogeschool Zeeland in the Netherlands. I follow the study ‘Business Study’ for four years. Like I said, I’m 17… So this is my first year! Why I had chosen this study? To be honest, I am a big talker with a really big heart. I love to discuss about economical, ethical and political topics. I don’t have comments which are served. I can consider what I said and I can change my opinion by time. It’s always the situation you sit in. However, I am good in those things.

I like to work/study hard, 4 till 8 hours a day is no exception. I work till I have a headache… I have the discipline to fulfill my dreams. I am always honest to others, on the other hand I dislike people who have served their opinions about topics and people.

Of course I have some lacks in my ability… But I’m working on it! Like my English… I’m terrible in English.

Oh, wait a sec, my study! It’s an economical study. You learn about the aspects of business in different stages. Also you learn to make your own business plan for your company.I enjoy in making budgets! I’ve never had it before, but I love to make budgets. It’s one of my favourite lessons! One of the reason I had chosen this study!

O yeah, I’ve also met a lot of people! Made new friends..! There a lot of foreign students at my school. Most of them are Chinese! I am half Chinese, but I can’t talk, write or understand Chinese… Pff, I know, I am a weird half Chinese. Whaha.

More questions about my study? Just ask! :’D