#1 Plot ‘Dark Angels’

Park Hae Won (박해일 원), Kim Hee Young (김희영), Lee Mi Ja (이미자) & Nam Yoo Ra (김유 라) are best friends since they have met each other almost 6 years ago. The funny thing was that they’ve met each other at a high school in London. They are all different, but the most important thing that they share together is music. The school committee asked them to play at a party and that was the time that they were discovered! A new band called ‘Dark Angels’ was born! They also love to write. Hae Won released a website where they could share their stories. Piece by piece, the story will be completed… After one year they were discovered by a Korean agency. They were interested in their story… That was the beginning they began to write for dramas. A month ago they finished their 4th script and they were asked to come to Seoul to meet the cast and crew. They have never came (back) to South-Korea, although they’ve written three scripts before. The dramas were a success in South-Korea, even countries in Sout East Asia bought the rights to broadcast the dramas. That was the reason they became famous in South-Korea, but no one have seen them. So they finally decided to reveal themselves to the media and decided to go back to South-Korea after so many years…

#2 Plot ‘Love over pride?’ ~ Not confirmed yet ~

Main cast: Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, Han Hyo Joo & Song Hye Kyo.

Hyun Bin, a 30 year old man, is the CEO of Argenti Group. It is the biggest enterprise within the Entertainment market in South-East Asia. He is already 30 years old, but he still loves to play around. Going to clubs? No problem! Hanging out with friends? No problem! Being rude? No problem! Cheating woman all the time? No problem at all! He is too carefree (in a negative way). He always appears in tabloids. Although he is a CEO, he acts like a playboy… His parents are tired of his behaviour. He must settle down!

Han Hyo Joo, a 25 year old woman, is the heiress of her family business. She don’t have the intention to overtake the function as the Chairwoman / Director. She went abroad to major in ”Music”. She loves to sing and to play the piano… Although her parents oppose her to play music and to sing, she still wants to continue. When she was 18, her parents decided that she haves to marry HB (before she turns 30 y o)… To improve the relations between the two companies and families.

Song Hye Kyo, a 28 year old woman, is an English teacher and also an English translater. Her parents and her little brother died in a car accident 10 years ago. Since then she lived together with her aunt. She promised her parents to work really hard and to major in English… Her dream came true, but the pain didn’t disappeared. Men around her think that she’s not really special and that she’s not beautiful at all (bcause she’s not fashionable)…

Lee Min Ho, a 25 year old man, is the lead singer of the boy band ‘ONYX*. He is associated with Argenti Entertainment. So basically Hyun Bin is his boss. The agency decided that the band had to improve their ‘English’. So they hired Song Hye Kyo as their private teacher. The boys tease her, because she’s not fashionable… But in a good way. They are really respectful towards Song Hye Kyo. (^o^) Lee Min Ho’s family are all associated with music. His mother was a famous pianist, while his father was a famous conductor. His family is really heartwarming and cheerful.

* Definition: Improves the hearing and the ability to listen, gives concentration, fends off influences, gives finishing karma. (Saturn) > They enchant their audience with their music.


This is a story of four people whose lives got entangled through music, deceit and lies but found their way back and their true selves through challenges and love.

  1. Synopsis: This is a story of four people whose lives got entangled through music, deceit and lies but found their way back and their true selves through challenges and love.

    The synopsis u made can be the opening chapter. Our synopsis should be short but captivating to the readers. Hope mine gets ur approval.

  2. How’s this for the continuation of what u started?

    The ONYX boys went to the practice room and were dismayed to find HB talking to a lady and learn that they need to sharpen up their English that’s why she was there. She introduced herself as Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho was captivated by her simple beauty . He even volunteered to be her assistant in whatever they need to do just to be closer to her.

    Meanwhile, HHJ was puzzled by the reception she received from LMH. He didn’t recognize her! Or he pretended not to recognize her! Knowing that the band went to their practice room, she made an excuse of going to HB and inviting him for dinner when what really want to see is LMH. HB’s secretary (Kwon Se In of Lie To Me in the same role) ushered HHJ to the practice room and was also awed by SHK’s presence! HB looked around and found the other members of the ONYX mouths gaping and looking at HHJ while LMH and KSI’s eyes are glued to SHK! HB asked HHJ why she was there and she said they have something to talk about over dinner since her parents are trying to corner her to take her place in their business. She made it a point to let LMH hear who in turn was just smiling at SHK.

    • Awh, it’s getting interesting. People should pay for us. lol

      • This part is a continuation of what I sent yesterday. Now it’s your turn for the next scenes, lol.

        HB went back to his office with HHJ following him and they talked about how they are going to act in front of her parents since HB have no intention of marrying yet and HHJ have her sight on LMH.

        The band had their first English session with SHK. LMH is now smitten over SHK as she was so unlike their fans who suffocates them with their affections. She became a mystery to the boys.

        HB recalled the way LMH and KSI looked at SHK and the other members of the band looked at HHJ. He tried to compare the two women in his mind but the picture of Yoon Joon (the antagonist we have to add) appeared before him and he immediately asked HHJ he’s got to leave for an appointment . HHJ then went back to the practice room hoping to get a glimpse of LMH and make her presence known, but to her dismay, the group is gone.

  3. It looks like HHJ is a stalker. It’s such an awkward atmosphere. Mm. Do we need a fifth party like Yoon Joo? Mm. Yoon Joo could be a popstar sensation or something. That’s why she’s attached to LMH and try to get him?!?
    I think it’s better to protrait HHJ like a normal girl who is chasing after her dreams. The pressence of LMH makes her upset, bcause he has chosen music over her. HHJ tried her best to succeed in music, but since her gradution no one wanted to help her to debut. That was the moment she decided to ‘quit’ in music and she became an important figure in her family business. Although her desire to be ‘one’ with her music is bigger than taking over the family business, she wants to show to everyone that she is capable to succeed in the family business. That’s why she’s always helping others, smiling while she haves a hard time, doing the household chores and never complains. Although in her heart she will never love another man, she’s willing to try to love another man… Although that person is indifferent about an arranged marriage.

  4. Since the break up btween HHJ & LMH, he is playing around with several woman. He became interested in SHK, bcause she is different… The day he saw HHJ after 3 years, his mind is telling him: ‘I don’t love her, no.’ But what about his heart? He acts like he doesn’t know her, he even ignores her. He tried to be in love with another woman to overcome his past. However is he deveicing hisself with this?

    – btw, we will change the part of the English lessons.
    – the band already have some of the lessons.
    – so we can let LMH & SHK develop their relation
    – then we add HHJ > she went to the office to get HB, bcause he was late for their lunch
    – reunion! >.>

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