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49 Days : What is happening?

Or ‘What happened?’


Since my last post of ‘49 Days‘, I’ve been watching it… I’m totally into it. At first I thought it was a bit weird. Because you saw Han Kang and Ji Hyun in the pictures. Han Kang was a bit late for the announcement of the engagement… So he had to hurry and go! I concluded that he must be the fiance, but he wasn’t! Desperately watching Ji Hyun with that bastard! Awr, hate him! … However it was not really suprising seeing him and her best friend having an affair

I think Ji Hyun and Han Kang would end up together, because I know he loves her, although she’s using Song Yi Kyung’s body. She reminds him a lot of Ji Hyun… A lot of people are hoping for Ji Hyun & the Scheduler, but that would be weird, because she have no affairs with him. Well yeah, he’s her SCHEDULER… But there’s no history or something. But I’ve to say, they look somehow cute… sometimes…

Another thing… The normal life of Song Yi Kyung is really a pity! Before the dead of her lover she was a happy girl (flashbacks). Now she’s having a hard lifetime and even wants to kill herself several times! (first that car accident, then wanting to hang herself on the rope…) Do you know who saved her twice?! I was really suprised! It was the doctor who didn’t succeed to save her lovers life! O my, I was REALLY curious who it would be, you know. A yeah…

Every time when Ji Hyun called the Scheduler while she’s in the apartment of Yi Kyung, he said that he haven’t a good feeling when he goes there every time… When he said that several times, I was really inquisitive! Then in the Coffee shop, with the Scheduler & Ji Hyun & Yi Kyung. He wanted to go out… then he suddenly stopped in front of Yi Kyung after saying that he don’t want to know anything about Yi Kyung. I’m confused, sooooo confused. Since then I thought there was something in the past… Last week there was finally episode 10… A kiss scene, just watch it.. o_o’

Are you confused to? Oh my God! They were (or..?) lovers, l-o-v-e-r-s! But I still don’t understand. Does he recognise her? Does he know who she is? Because he always said that’s uncomfortable being around Song Yi Kyung. So I think he doesn’t recognise her… In one of the episode he said something about achieving a wish orso. Does he have a possibility to live again? I’m quite curious about it, because I’m PRO Song Yi Kyung & the Scheduler :$

The last few minutes of episode 10 Ji Hyun received her first tear! Was the tear from Han Kang?!?! I’m 99% sure of this. One thing that is vague, is about the list of episodes… It’s unkown how many episodes would be shown. Some say 16, other 20 or 24 or even 26 episodes! Quite vague… I HOPE FOR THE LAST ONE. :$ I will update you after episode  12 this week! ♡♡♡