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This person on DAILYMOTION credited my works! I’m really happy with this! Sites as BrokenControllers, Webstatschecker, etc. credited my works, but the people who use the files on these websites should also know to credit the blog.

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Myung Wol the Spy ~ Preview ~ Episode 10 ~

Please turn off the music ☛☛☛ Please turn off the music ☛☛☛

Last Scene: Myung Wol passed her audition with Gang U’s help (see the notes on the script). Suddenly he came in and all supporters are asking him: ‘Are u in relationship with In A?’ He said: ‘In A and I are indeed lovers. Already started to discuss about marriage.’

Preview: No need for any explanation, right? He is faking their ”relationship” on behalf of finding his dad. In A’s dad haves some kinda contacts with N-K and people in the illegal auction world. Instead of his doing, he also hurts Myung Wol.

Today’s Outfit ‘Cheap n Chic’

Today’s look is really cheap! O crap, that’s my new hairstyle! What do u think? It’s a bit different. The back is oblique. Haha. I can’t take a picture from behind. 😥 O god’s grief! Okay, let’s continue about my outfit. How much do u think this whole outfit costs? — Keep that in mind — Copy this > H&M Tank €9,95 ♡ H&M Skirt €9,95 ♡ Primark Necklace with Heart pendant €3 ♡ Together an outfit for only €22,90! < I buy a lot of cloths everywhere, but I’m not a really H&M-fan, but since I went to A’dam all the time this summer, I couldn’t bear myself for not going to the shop on the Dam. Well, what do u think? U can create a chic look with a less amount of money! :’D

These are my new GUESS earrings! The quality of this picture is quite lame. D: Well, I love these earrings. It’s simple and I can wear it with everything. :’D I love basic stuff. I was hunting for stuff this summer, but I think I’m a bit broke now. Although… ”broke”. Not like I have no money anymore. I just don’t want to break down the limit of €…… Every girl have dreams… So am I, I want to go to Asia next year, so I have to save some money! :’D

Heartstrings ~ Episode 11 ~

I hope this episode works. 😦 But u know, it’s kinda awesome. I love love love this drama. I’m hoping for a good end for Gyu Won on the 100th anniversary performance. Han Hui Ju is such a b*tch & I hate her mother.  Yeo Joon Hee (Kang Min Hyuk) haves to end up with Cha Bo Woon (Im Se Mi)! She looks so good without the braids!


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Heartstrings ~ Episode 10 ~

I’m sorry for the last episodes… I’ll blame MBC’s doing. T_T Sue them instead of complaining. YeahYeah. Whaa, just watch this episode & u’ll be happy u found me. LOL. I’m just kidding. Haha. Part one is again removed by MBC. I’ve uploaded the part twice… I kinda hate this broadcast network, it’s getting on my nerves.

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