49 Days! after episode 12: ‘I want more!’

Hello you! I’m sorry for not keeping my promise. You all have been curious about the latest episode. Off course, you are! I’d already posted about the newest episode a few days ago. You’ve also read that the part of episode 12 were based on my thoughts and imaginaging, because I’ve watched it without subs! On saturday I’ve finally watched the episode with subs! Yay! I was so happy, you couldn’t imagine!


O my, I can’t understand Korean at all, but I could figure something out, without the subs! Hehe, kinda funny, I think. So, here’s a summary (in my point of view): Ji Hyun fell out of Yi Kyung‘s body and is having a major problem: ‘What to do?!’ She grabbed her phone and pushed the emergency button (I want one too! Kya, imagine: ‘With one button, Il Jung Woo appears in front of you! Haha)! The Scheduler appeared, saying to Ji Hyun: ‘You, troublemaker!’ and scolded her. Haha, that face of Ji Hyun is so cute, when she get scolded, like she’s innocient (but she is!). In some way, Yi Kyung woke up in the park. She woke up, because she had strong feelings about the place. This was the place she went with Yi Soo and had a very beautiful day. Yeah, that’s the correct word. Although it was meant to be cheerful, I cried several times… The scene that I mean, was actually already shown in my precious post. Suddenly she fell asleep again, but before she did, she saw Yi Soo. Hm, but the thing is, Han Kang and Yi Kyung would see this as dreams, although it actually happened! Han Kang and Ji Hyun had also a flashback (together)… They had to collect money for some charities together… And they had decided to do tarrot cards prediction, to be honest, the only one who was serious about this event was Ji Hyun. It went wrong… Ji Hyun ran away and the other day her parents suddenly decided to move to Seoul. Han Kang went to class with a bouquet of white roses (to say sorry)… Then the flasbacks was doomeddd, that was the moment that Ji Hyun had to possess Yi Kyung‘s body… O my, Han Kang directly knows that ‘she’ is back in Yi Kyung‘s body and had taken her along…

I’m kinda tired, I’ve been up since 6 a.m. So I will cut my summary. Hehe, you should watch episode 12 yourself!

Go to YouTube! (I watch it from UnknowCarrot660)


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